Mike Tyson asks Anthony Joshua, ‘You got any f***ing pride?’

Mike Tyson

Stacey Verbeek

Former undisputed heavyweight king Mike Tyson has weighed in on the Anthony Joshua situation ahead of the Briton’s rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr.

Tyson, the youngest ever world heavyweight champ, spoke about AJ on his ‘Hotboxin’ Podcast’ recently.

Joshua lost four world title belts in a shockingly poor performance, reminiscent of Tyson’s reverse to James ‘Buster’ Douglas, and the one-time ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has reacted.

“He made a mistake, got hurt, and s*** happens,” said Tyson. “He can win it back though. But his mind has to be right.

“He ain’t gonna win it back if his mind’s f***ed up. His mind’s gotta be right, he’s gotta dedicate his life to doing this. He’s gotta stay away from himself.

“When we go training, we go away in the mountains, we’re staying away from ourself and our thoughts.

“In the mountains away from everybody, just the animals and the woods and stuff. You’re facing your demons alone. His spirits appear well to you, but in his mind… what’s going on in his mind?

“This stage in life is really what makes them. Because they already have money now. Now it’s all about: Who are you? Now you’re dealing with adversity, who are you? What are you gonna do now?


“Are you gonna lay down now? And say, ‘Hey, I don’t want any more’. Do you stay down and give it up? Or do you believe in it? You got any f***ing pride, n***a? What do you believe in? Do you believe in your ancestors? Your mother, your father, your kids? What do you believe in?

“What have you got to fight for? And then it’s up to him, I don’t believe in s*** maybe. I’ve got money. I don’t believe in any of this s***. And that’s cool too, if it’s not who you are,” he concluded.

A second fight with Ruiz is looming for Madison Square Garden later this year. Another stoppage could end Joshua’s career.

Ruiz is an underdog to repeat his feat of June 1st, although history suggests the Mexican will retain his titles.