Exclusive: Jordan Latimer aims to bounce back from 18-second TV debut loss

John Docherty

Simon Stacpoole

Jordan Latimer made headlines last year for reasons no boxer would like, suffering a quick knock out loss to debutant John Docherty.

Latimer spoke to WBN as he now looks back on the loss as a learning experience.

“Yeah, big time (learning experience),” Latimer exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I shouldn’t have accepted the fight on four days notice against someone of the calibre of Docherty. At the time I was a month at university, just started in Sunderland, so wasn’t in the fittest shape. I was underweight as well.

“Yeah, it was a big learning experience, especially not training an eight week camp for someone of that high a level because Doc is a future world champion. It was a learning experience with my purse as well, a bit of a disagreement with the board on that.”

“I suppose it’s better to have that experience at the beginning of your career than in a world title fight, getting taught a lesson that you should train for a fight.”

Although Docherty was making his pro debut, Latimer had only fought two pro fights himself and had a total of 23 amateur fights, Docherty had represented Scotland at the Commonwealth games not long before the fight.

“I had twenty one amateur fights in Ireland and two in England,” Latimer continued. “John Murray turned me pro at 18 more or less, I didn’t have a senior amateur career.

“I turned pro straight away as I knew John as a kid growing up, my uncle is Joe Gallagher, who is quite well known. So that’s why I knew John and Matthew Macklin and all these guys, I knew them personally as a kid.

“Actually one of the first guy’s to come up to me after the fight with Doc was Paul Smith, he remembered me from Denton. I was shocked actually that he came up to me. He comforted me at ringside and spoke with me for ages, he’s a nice guy. Murray was the first to call me after the fight as well.”

📸: Simon Stacpoole

No one ever really considers what a loss can do to a young fighter. Most people comment on how it is devastating for their career, which in reality it shouldn’t be the be all and end all. A loss should be used to learn.

But what about the actual fighter, not his career – a fighter’s emotional wellbeing?

“It was a bad day at the office,” Latimer told me. “I’ve changed my lifestyle rapidly since then. I’m in a really fit shape all year round because I compete at a high level in athletics with the Harriers club and university.

“So, I hope the loss hasn’t put a damper on it (career). I have got a lot of rebuilding to do, which is to be expected. I hope people can take me seriously still.”

Latimer admits he felt depressed after the loss but it seems he is now coming through the dark period and has a fight date in mind.

“Since the fight I’ve been toiling on and off in the gym with John (Murray),” Latimer explains. “I got very down after the fight, I was quite depressed for a long time.

“Recently, this year mainly, I’ve got myself back in the gym training, not going out all the time like I used to do. Hoping to make comeback by November.

“Next year and a half I’d like to have six fights, get my confidence back up. Once you have that confidence of being unbeaten (taken away) then going really down and depressed, like I was, it’s taken a lot for people to get that back into me.

“My then girlfriend, actually, persuaded me to come back. I had a few fights scheduled a couple of months ago. Disagreements with my management at the time over money, they (the fights) didn’t happen.

“I’m actually a free agent at the moment. I’ve been in contact with a few managers that I’m hoping to sign with.”

With a November date in mind, Latimer feels in a happier place.


“November is the date we are looking at,” he said. “That gives me ample time to train for my fight now. I’m not walking around at a stupid weight, I’m fit, got a six pack for the first time.

“I’m looking good for once and I’m happier in myself as back then I wasn’t happy in my career, management or anything.

“It’s different now, different circumstances. I don’t know what weight yet, I’ll try and make middleweight again, we’ll see how that pans out.”

Jordan Latimer has admittedly been in a dark place however he can now see light at the end of the tunnel and this period could very well be the making of him.

To even be considering entering the ring again shows he has a bit of character about him.