Exclusive: Blane Hyland eyes September debut after signing with MTK

WBN Staff 05/07/2019

Blane Hyland has recently signed with MTK Global after turning professional.

Having had a a good amateur career, culminating in GB representation, Hyland feels now is the perfect time to move to the pro ranks. The 24-year-old from Liverpool spoke with WBN to discuss why now and what the future holds.

“Well, I had a year out,” Hyland said. “A year away from boxing just to have a nice rest and let my body rest.”

“I just started to want to get back in the gym, started back in training. I always thought to myself if I turn 30 and never having giving it a go in the professionals. I felt like I was missing out. The hunger started to comeback, I started to get back in the gym, talking to MTK and here we are now.”

After mentioning MTK, I asked Hyland was it an easy decision to sign with the management company.

“(It was a) really easy decision,” he explained. “I believe they are growing and the way they look after their fighters and doors they are opening, they are working well.”

“I believe they are the best in the business. I only spoke to them really. Even being with them the short time (I have) now, the last week, I’ve been speaking to then regularly, emails, sorting my licence out, my medical. So they have been bang on with me at the minute and we will start looking for a date in September. ”

Hyland is back in training and raring to get started in the pro ranks.

“I’d love to get (back) in action,” Hyland said. “Hopefully everything goes well with the medical and the licence and I’ll be fit. I’m in the gym now, training hard, so there’s nothing stopping me. Hopefully we will be all guns blazing, ready to go for September.”

After being out for a year, Hyland will look to settle in as a pro.


“The pro game is completely different from amateurs,” he elaborated. “I’d like to settle nicely into the pro’s, as I’ve been out for a year, I haven’t fought in a year. So I’d like to get the my experience up, get the ring rust off.”

“If MTK want to push me on to bigger things then I’m ready to go. I believe in my ability, I want to go to the top. I’m ready for anything they put in front of me.”

Mick Kane is a Staff Writer to World Boxing News. Follow Mick on Twitter @MickKaneMMA