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WBO completely IGNORE outcry, elbow and farce, Mairis Briedis is belted

Mairis Briedis picked up his cruiserweight title today as the World Boxing Organization failed to even recognize any wrongdoing in his recent victory.

The Latvian won through to the World Boxing Super Series Final after what was a highly farcical victory over Krzysztof Glowacki in Riga.

Winning the opener, Briedis then took what seemed and accidental hard shot to the back of the head. Briedis retaliated squarely in front of referee Robert Byrd with a shocking elbow to the jaw.

The blow was a solid one and could have knocked many cruiserweights to the ground. In a delayed reaction, Glowacki did hit the floor but Byrd told the Pole to get on his feet.

Seconds later, Glowacki was dropped by Briedis right at the end of the round. With just seconds remaining, noise from the crowd drowned out the bell, which was frantically rung for around twenty seconds.

Briedis knocked Glowacki down again amidst chaotic scenes. At one point, it looked as though the fight was called off.

Glowacki was allowed to come out for the third and caught Briedis with a hard shot. But obviously still hurt, Glowacki was put down hard again and waved off.

An unbelievable turn of events which saw a protest from Glowacki, who lost the WBO belt he only recently gained.


In what is an unreal showing of ignorance, the WBO haven’t even acknowledged anything untoward happened.

Turning their cheeks and hoping the controversy goes away just adds fuel to the fire. The WBO has further gone down in many fans estimations.

In a video clip shared widely on Thursday, Briedis was seen receiving the title belt he claimed in one of the most ludicrous endings in 200 pound history.

Events are made even more dumbfounding by the WBO’s refusal to even consider anything was wrong with what transpired.

The WBC decision to boycott the fight due to a disagreement over the handling of the contest now seems fully justified.