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Frankie Gavin ‘close to catching’ thieves who smashed his gym, stole belts

Former world amateur and British professional champion Frankie Gavin believes he’s on the verge of catching thieves who broke into his gym.

Gavin explained those responsible smashed up his ‘Ringside Gym’ so it’s in an unworkable fashion. They also stole his entire and extensive collection of title belts.

Pleading for information on Monday, Gavin said the following:  “Someone broke into the gym last night. (They) smashed it up so the kids can’t train there. (They also) took all of my belts.

“Graffiti (is) all over the gym. (They) robbed all the cameras (too). (If) anyone hears anything will be appreciated. (This is) not hurting anyone but the kids and the people who put hard work into the gym.”

On Tuesday, updating on the situation, Gavin said he may be on the verge of apprehending the culprit or culprits.

“(I’ve) Just had some important information on the gym. So looks like we’re very close to catching who it is.

“Time (for me) to look for job now, if anyone has anything to keep me busy in the days. And then I will have some news soon on what’s next coaching wise,” he added.

The 33 year-old last fought himself in November when losing a European title challenge against Kerman Lejarraga in Spain.

Prior to the Lejarraga loss, Gavin had won three bouts in a row.

Losing out to Sam Egginton and Kell Brook, Gavin had seen his career dip after a promising start. His record currently stands at 26-4.


Gavin remains the only UK fighter to ever win a World Amateur Championship. In 2007, Gavin beat Defeated Omar Ward of Barbados, Ramal Amanov of Azerbaijan, and Onur Sipal of Turkey to reach the Semi-Final.

In what was a shock result, the Birmingham man then out-pointed Alexei Tichtchenko of Russia 19–10 before overcoming Italian Domenico Valentino in the final.

The gold medal led to a lucrative promotional deal with Frank Warren beginning in 2008.