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Why Don’t More Online Casinos Sponsor Boxing?

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Irish professional boxer and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor was recently unveiled as the face of Parimatch’s new promotional campaign.


The hugely successful sportsman will collaborate with the online sportsbook and casino over the next two years and will feature in various pieces of promotional content. Parimatch underwent an extensive rebranding process earlier this year. It’s hoped that the rebranding and the deal with McGregor will attract a host of new customers. 


Sponsorship Deals


It’s common practice for online casinos and sportsbooks to sign big sporting stars up for sponsorship deals. The way these work is simple: a big-name star will be paid to appear in promotional material and act as a sort of brand ambassador. It’s expected that the star’s endorsement of the casino/sportsbook brand will encourage more people to sign up. Many sites will sponsor whole teams, not just individual members. The reason why sports professionals are being signed up is because online casinos are incredibly competitive. Brands hope that by reaching out to sports fans, they can attract a whole new demographic to their sites. 


Why So Few Boxing Sponsorship Deals?


The majority of sponsorship deals between online gambling sites and sporting stars or whole teams don’t involve boxers. In fact, the deal struck between McGregor and Parimatch is a rather rare example of a boxing being hired as the ‘face’ of an online gambling brand. More often than not, it’s football teams that are the focus of casino and sportsbook sponsorship deals. This is simply because football is, in many ways, the world’s biggest and most popular sport. 


Bigger online gambling brands such as Mr Green, Betfair, Bet365, LeoVegas and Betway have all signed huge deals with football teams in recent years. It’s generally the case that the bigger gambling brands form partnerships with the bigger names in sport; hence, why so many of them target football teams. To put it simply, the reason you don’t see many boxing sponsorship deals is because boxing isn’t among the biggest sports right now. Sure, it’s still a huge sport in its own right – top-level fighters can make millions from a single match and many millions around the world enjoy betting on the sport.


In fact, it’s expected that boxing is going to become even bigger in the next few years. This is thanks to a federal ban on sports gambling in the US being overturned; this essentially paves the way for many more people to bet on the sport legally. It’s been reported in the media that boxing is in a decline; in fact, viewership numbers of matches have remained fairly steady and are actually seeing some increases. Boxing may not be as big a sport as others, but it’s got a solid, dedicated fanbase. If it continues to grow – stars like Conor McGregor are certainly giving it a boost – it may well catch the eye of larger online gambling brands. In the near future, we may well see more brands tapping into the boxing world and partnering with the biggest names in boxing for future campaigns.


About Parimatch


Parimatch is an online sportsbook that’s been around since 1996. It’s based in Russia, with additional offices in Georgia, Belarus and Moldova. While the site primarily targets the Russian market, it’s also available in English. The site’s betting markets cover over 20 major sporting events across 60 countries. Bets can be placed round-the-clock, with live in-play betting available for many of the most popular events. The site has enjoyed significant growth over the years and offers a full online casino complete with live dealer games, a dedicated poker room, lotteries, e-sports and a wide range of statistics, analytics and news.