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Home » Fans cheekily blame Oscar winner Olivia Colman for Anthony Joshua KO

Fans cheekily blame Oscar winner Olivia Colman for Anthony Joshua KO

Oscar-winning actress and Britsh star Olivia Colman has been hilariously blamed by fans for causing Anthony Joshua to eventually lose to Andy Ruiz Jr.

Colman, who won the coveted Academy Award for Best Actress earlier this month, starred in an advert alongside Joshua which began airing in February.

During the commercial, Colman accidentally whacks Joshua around the head with her suitcase. Joshua flinches back, before flashing his trademark smile in the British Airways paid promotion.


Following Joshua’s recent defeat to Ruiz Jr. in New York, fans have taken to social media to predict the blow as the beginning of the end for the heavyweight’s reign.

Among the tongue-in-cheek comments, one fan joked it may have been the only take where AJ didn’t hit the floor.

“Just realised, Anthony Joshua hasn’t really been the same since Olivia Colman thumped him in the head with her suitcase, during the British Airways ad.

“How many takes do you think British Airways needed for their advert before Anthony Joshua didn’t get knocked down by Olivia Colman?

“That British Airways advert must make awkward viewing for Anthony Joshua now. To be fair, you would probably back Olivia Colman to knock him out too after last weekend.

“Hearing that Anthony Joshua got knocked out by Olivia Colman’s hand luggage on a plane before that Ruiz fight.

“Just seen that BA100 ad @British_Airways love it. But Olivia Colman hitting Anthony Joshua in the head with her bag may explain why he was gaga against Andy Ruiz Jr.” – Twitter

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Joshua is currently plotting to regain the four world title belts he lost to Mexico’s first top division ruler.

Dates in November and December are being considered by promoter Eddie Hearn and the team at DAZN.


Wembley or Tottenham Hotspurs’ new stadium were originally earmarked for the clash. That’s before DAZN bosses stepped in an demanded a return to the US.

Bookies have kept Joshua as the favorite despite the 29 year-old being dropped four times in a shocking and humbling reverse.

Ruiz is fancied by plenty of high-profile boxing personnel to repeat the feat in the second clash. Included are Amir Khan and Tyson Fury.


New York 4/6

Las Vegas 3/1

Mexico 5/1


Wembley, London 5/1