The Top Boxing Basics You Need to Know About

It seems that you are curious about boxing because if you were not, you would not be here right here.

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, and some boxers like Floyd Mayweather have been making millions of cash out of it. However, before you get all jumpy, you need first to understand the basic techniques of boxing. You are at the right place.

Why boxing?

Before we even begin by looking at the necessary boxing steps you have to understand the impact of boxing. It is one of the most challenging sports that you will ever come across, why you might ask. It is because it requires your all in terms of speed, agility, power, endurance, mental toughness, and fitness. You might find it fun while you are watching, but once you get into that ring, it can be brutal for you. However, it is one of the few sports which can show you the real fighter in you. 

Basic boxing steps

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  1. Boxing Stance

If you can set your boxing stance, then it is easy for you to defend and attack. How do you do it? 

  1. Start by standing with your feet and shoulders wide apart. 
  2. If you are right-handed, then you need to take one step backward with your right foot. (Lef-ha dead can also do the same).
  3. Your left toe should be in the rear with the heel of your right heel.
  4. Bend your knees slightly so that you can evenly distribute your weight. 
  5. Keep your elbows down but your hands up.
  6. Tuck your chin by hiding your head behind your gloves, so that you can protect your face from your opponent.

The stance helps to give you balance if you find yourself in a match. Moreover, it provides less space for your opponent to punch you. 

  1. Boxing breath. 

In a boxing match, you should notice that most boxers inhale with their mouths rather than their nose. Moreover, their breathing sounds more like a hiss because their mouth is mostly shut. If you breath using your mouth, then you could risk breaking your jaw in a match. 

Imagine that you are about to throw a punch, inhale and then exhale through your mouth as you throw that punch. It might sound a bit absurd, but the significance of this technique is that it helps your core connect with the power of the blow. Also, it will make you look like a boxing pro.

#3. Basic boxing punches.

For a beginner learning how to throw a proper punch requires 

  1. You relax.
  2. Exhale through your mouth as you throw the punch. 
  3. At impact with your opponent, you should tighten both your body muscles and fist.

There are a few basic punches which you should learn such as the  

  1. Jab.
  2. Hook
  3. Cross
  4. Uppercut
  5. Slip
  6. Duck.

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