Frank Warren: Tyson Fury now more known in US than Deontay Wilder, AJ

Promoter Frank Warren believes Tyson Fury has overtaken Deontay Wilder in the profiling stakes on American soil.

Fury recently made a successful debut in Las Vegas. He took out Tom Schwarz after wowing fans with an Apollo Creed ring entrance.

‘The Gypsy King’ even got the seal of approval from Rocky Balboa himself. Sylvester Stallone thanked the former heavyweight in the aftermath.

Warren is now sure Fury is the leading light with US fans when it comes to the top division.

“In the space of only a few weeks, Tyson has become one of the most recognizable sporting figures in the biggest market of them all,” said Warren.

“It’s fully vindicated our decision to generate huge exposure for the world’s No.1 heavyweight before revisiting a proposed rematch with Deontay Wilder.

“That fight is simply getting bigger all the time. The magnitude of it will only increase further once Tyson and Deontay take to the ring again.

“It is a little bit ironic that Tyson just being himself – a bit of showbiz swagger, while all the time honest over his shortcomings and the subject of mental health – he has achieved in one weekend in Vegas what a carefully orchestrated campaign set out to do for Anthony Joshua in New York recently.

“The American public’s awareness of Tyson Fury is probably now even greater than that of Deontay Wilder.

Going one further, Warren predicted Fury would beat any fighter out there over 200 pounds.

“I can’t think of many other heavyweights who could live with Tyson on this form.

“True, some might take him a few more rounds. But when Tyson is on song, both during and after the fight, nobody can question that he rules the heavy mob.”


Fury is due to be back in action this autumn, probably in New York.

An also-ran-but-ranked opponent is expected as Fury has a final warm-up before the big one.

At this point, WBN understands Wilder v Fury II is pencilled in for February 2020.

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