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Home » WATCH: Video released of Glowacki v Briedis mess as WBO face protest

WATCH: Video released of Glowacki v Briedis mess as WBO face protest

Krzysztof Głowacki representatives at Knockout Promotions have released a video of the controversial moments surrounding the Pole’s loss to Mairis Briedis.

The now-former WBO cruiserweight title holder was the victim of a complete injustice on Saturday night as Briedis took the championship in Riga.

From the second round onwards, it’s clear officials lost control of the contest.


First of all, Glowacki did hit Briedis on the back of the head, something referee Robert Byrd would certainly have addressed.

Byrd didn’t get the chance to act, though. Before he could split them completely after yelling ‘stop’, Briedis whacked Glowacki with a solid elbow to the jaw.

Wrongly, Glowacki milked the incident. Although there’s no doubt the blow would have had an effect. For his part, Byrd simply told Glowacki to get to his feet, and rightly so.

But what then followed sunk the contest firmly into farce.

Clearly dazed, Glowacki fought on. With 20 seconds left of the round, Briedis caught Glowacki with a solid punch. As Glowacki buckled, Briedis bashed him on the back of the head with a crunching rabbit punch.


By this time, Briedis’ corner was seen infringing in the corner as they expected the fight to be over.

Getting to his feet, Glowacki bravely fought on. But when the bell sounded furiously – Briedis knocked him down again, well after the round was over.

Almost tens seconds over the three minutes, Glowacki went down hard and once again Briedis corner were already in the ring.

It seems as though they were attempting to flag Byrd about the bell situation, something which was the job of the ringside officials.


A ten count then ensued before Glowacki was allowed back to his corner. Byrd then attempted to stop the fight. Chaos in the arena meant the move wasn’t noticed and Byrd then just let the fight continue.

Round three begins and Glowacki, stunned from the previously late blow at 3:10 of round two, is quickly taken out.


Team Glowacki has filed an official protest. Evidence presented by Knockout Promotions is clear and should hopefully be addressed by the WBO soon.

At this point, President Paco Valcarcel is yet to recognize any wrongdoing by Briedis on the night.

Video by Knockout Promotions. Follow on Twitter @knockoutprm