Briedis’ full force elbow so far goes unpunished, WBC, WBO take stances

The World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization have taken compellingly different stances on what has now become a startling turn of events in Riga.

Mairis Briedis supposedly claimed the WBO’s cruiserweight title despite a full force elbow to the jaw of opponent Krzysztof Glowacki.

Add to that the fact Briedis then pummelled Glowacki for twenty seconds after the bell, knocking him down in the process.

The whole fight from start to finish was farcical. The build-up to it was far from ideal either.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman withdrew sanctioning of the fight due to a disagreement over the officials. Upon learning who those officials were, it’s not hard to see why.

Husband and wife team Robert and Adalaide Byrd were appointed to the same bout, in what was an obvious conflict of interests.

What transpired was unfathomable. Complete and utter incompetence.

Making things worse is the lack of addressing by the WBO and their figurehead Paco Valcarcel, who has so far failed to even mention any wrongdoing.

The WBO has since congratulated their new Jr. Heavyweight champion, who really should have been thrown out of the contest immediately.

Fans, apart from those supporting Briedis, have had the wool firmly pulled over their eyes in what is yet another black eye and sore jaw for the sport.

Valcarcel has only managed a pot shot at Sulaiman in the aftermath. A move which rather than bordering on the immature – oversteps that boundary completely.

“That thing about not getting what I want (Sulaiman wanting two officials each, not the 3 to 1 ratio which was in place). I’ll take my toys away (the WBC belt).

“I could care less. Tyranny and arrogance no longer have any place in boxing,” said Valcarcel in a clear dig at his WBC counterpart.


Sulaiman, in a more dignified manner, took to a respected radio station in Sirius XM to fully explain his actions.

@wbcmoro explains in details why the @WBCBoxing withdrew recognition of the #glowackibriedis WBSS fight this past weekend. @CommishRandyG @gerrycooney #WBSS #boxing

The WBC and WBO are certainly not on the same page. Working together in the future could prove difficult if 50-50 deals are not made possible.

For now, Briedis seems to have gotten away with one of the most blatant disqualifications on record without a blemish.

The Latvian should not be the current world champion. Glowacki’s team would be advised to vigorously oppose what was a shambles of a result.

Briedis is set to face Yuniel Dorticos in the final of the World Boxing Super Series. This comes on being given a second chance on the back of making last year’s semi-finals.

Glowacki has a rightful claim to a rematch before that Ali Trophy contest ever takes place.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay