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EXCLUSIVE: Mauricio Sulaiman explains situation regarding WBC, WBSS

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has explained his reasoning for a withdrawal from the forthcoming World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight semi-final.

Making the WBC’s position clear to WBN, Sulaiman elaborated on an early revelation on the eve of Mairis Briedis v Krzysztof Glowacki.

The contest was due to have the vacant WBC 200 pound title on the line until Sulaiman released the following information: “WBC withdraws it’s sanctioning of the Briedis vs Glowacki fight.

“The administrators of the WBSS tournament have failed to maintain the integrity of the bout. They have disregarded the WBC rules and regulations.

“The WBC strongly rejects the unfortunate discrimination and abuse of power that has been directed against the integrity of our institution.

“The WBC will evaluate its continuing participation in the remaining WBSS bouts in Season II. We will announce its decision soon.”

In an exclusive update to World Boxing News, Sulaiman detailed what had gone wrong in the pre-fight build-up.

“The World Boxing Council cannot be part of the maneuvering which is taking place with the appointment of ring officials,” Sulaiman told WBN.

“I was contacted directly by the WBSS a month ago to address this matter. They claim the WBO demands to appoint the referee and two judges. This will allow the WBC one judge in a unification fight. This is unacceptable.

“Mairis Briedis is in his home country and facing the WBO champion with three WBO officials. This not acceptable to the WBC and we won’t be part of this,” he added.


As confirmed, the Briedis v Glowacki will now go ahead with only the WBO title up for grabs.

Making a valid point, Sulaiman has now decided to re-evaluate the WBC’s supporting of the World Boxing Super Series.

As things stand, the super-lightweight tournament also has a WBC belt involved. Regis Prograis if the current WBC Diamond champion.

Prograis is due to face Josh Taylor in the final later this year.


1. Marvin Camel (US) 1980
2. Carlos de Leon (P. Rico) 1980 – 1982
3. S.T. Gordon (US) 1982 – 1983
4. Carlos de Leon (P. Rico) * 1983 – 1985
5. Alfonzo Ratliff (US) 1985
6. Bernard Benton (US) 1985 – 1986
7. Carlos de Leon (P. Rico) * 1986 – 1988
8. Evander Holyfield (US) 1988
9. Carlos de Leon (P. Rico) * 1989 – 1990
10. Massimiliano Duran (Italy) 1990 – 1991
11. Anaclet Wamba (France) 1991 – 1995
12. Marcelo Dominguez (Arg) 1995 – 1998
13. Juan Carlos Gomez (Cuba) 1998 – 2002
14. Wayne Braithwaite (Guyana) 2002 – 2005
15. Jean-Marc Mormeck (France) 2007
16. O’Neil Bell (US) 2006 – 2007
17. Jean Marc Mormeck (France)* 2007
18. David Haye (UK) 2007 – 2008
19. Giacobbe Fragomeni (Italy) 2008 – 2009
20. Zsolt Erdei (Hungary) 2008 – 2010
21. Krzystof Wlodarczyk (Poland) 2010 – 2014
22. Grigory Drozd (Russia) 2014 – 2015
23. Tony Bellew (UK) 2016 – 2017
24. Mairis Briedis (Latvia) 2017 – 2018
25. Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) 2018 – 2019
* Regained.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay