Barby vs Bonita / Mundo Ambassador / Orucuta update / WBC CBP

Ringside 13/06/2019
World Boxing Council Heavyweight

Female bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council, Mariana “La Barby” Juarez, will defend her crown on Saturday in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Juarez faces the international champion, Diana “Bonita” Fernández.

At 52-9-4 and 18 KO’s, Juarez won the belt against Catherine Phiri of Zambia. She has made seven successful defenses against Terumi Nuki of Japan twice, Alesia Graf of Germany, Gabriela Bouvier of Uruguay, Carolina “La Princesa” Arias from Costa Rica, Susie Ramadan from Australia and Eva Maria Naranjo from Spain.

Fernandez (20-2 and 4 KO’s) will be the first Mexican seeking Mariana’s crown. She is aware of the responsibility she has on her shoulders. She wants to become the first world boxing champion in the history from the City of Juarez

Juarez and Fernandez have a forceful appointment this June 15 at the Juarez Fair 2019. They lead the card that is presented by Promociones del Pueblo.


The WBC and President, Mauricio Sulaiman proudly acknowledge WBC Diamond Champion, Callum Smith as our WBC Cares, Ambassador for Autism Awareness.

Callum and all the Smith Family, have always used their platforms to bring awareness about Autism to others. We treasure his compassionate nature as well as his amazing skills in the ring.

We couldn’t be happier, that Callum, and his trainer, Joe Gallagher are joining our team!


Felipe Orucuta has shown a positive response with movements, following surgery, which is a very encouraging sign.

The process continues to seek to lower sedation, in order to be able to make a more complete evaluation. We will give more information, as soon we receive the official report of his doctors.

We send our love and best wishes to Felipe and his Family. He has always been a very respectful, caring, loyal and wonderful friend. All the boxing family stands together and united in his corner.


Norihito Tanaka, who was out of the June rankings, being number 7 in the minimum weight division, will be reinstated, as he completed his registration form for  the Clean Boxing Program and we want to acknowledge his willingness and interest in being part of this vital initiative.

The priority of the WBC is to work in education and awareness, to help all people involved in sports learn the danger of using substances to improve performance (PED), which can create terrible problems in the health of athletes.

It is mandatory to see the webinar, which is available on all WBC and CBP websites, since it shows specific information to learn and know the risks and dangers of using these substances.

For more information, we invite you to see the webinar at: https://wbcboxing.com/WBCVADAESP/