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A new twist in Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua saga

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After the entire boxing world was taken by storm when the never-beaten Anthony Joshua hit the ground in the seventh round against Andy Ruiz Jr, the buzz around the event is still really high.

It’s true that the discussion has now shifted from analyzing the fight and what could possibly be the cause for the 29-years-old British boxer to lose all his four belts in one evening.

However, a brand new chapter is just beginning – the talks about the rematch.



When and Where Will the Rematch Take Place?

After the shock of the defeat, Team Joshua was quick to exercise a release clause in the contract with Ruiz Jr. This means that the rematch everyone is waiting for could take place in November or December. However, if the date seems to be quite accurate, when talking about the venue, things are not that straightforward. While everyone expects the rematch to take place on the Principality Stadium or Wembley, there are strong indications that the fight could not happen in the UK.


Joshua was the first to create some sparks when he declared that he aims to avenge his first defeat at the ‘World’s Most Famous Arena’. In case you’re not that big on boxing, the most famous arena of them all is the Madison Square Garden, where all the big fights of the century took place. The bout between McGregor and Mayweather is perhaps the most recent and the perfect example of such a fight.



However, even though Joshua seems to have a plan of his own in taking his revenge in the arena where it all went wrong, his team isn’t so thrilled about the idea. Eddie Hearn, the renowned boxing promoter said that he understands why Joshua thinks it would be a good idea for the rematch should take place in the US, however, he strongly believes that the UK is better suited as the venue. Right now, the location for the rematch is a gamble and it’s all up to Anthony to decide. Speaking of gambles, if you like to enjoy some excellent slots and table games, check out the Wagerbeat casino review over here.

What are the Pros and Cons for Each Venue?

To address this question we need to look at several factors when comparing a rematch taking place in the US rather than in the UK. First of all, it’s clear that Ruiz will definitely have more fans at the Garden at, with the added pressure of suffering his first loss, Joshua may find it hard to ignore everyone and just focus on the match. Even though he has done it 22 times in the past, this is a totally new situation he’s dealing with and everything should be arranged to make things easier for him, not harder.


However, they say that this is the mark of a true champion. Wanting to go against all odds, and prove that the first loss was just an accident, a pure lack of concentration. There are some voices that claim he suffered a panic attack the moment he was heading towards the ring, but we’ll talk about that a bit later.


Another advantage for placing the fight in the US could come from a financial perspective. It’s well-known that such bouts generate millions in pay-per-view and, even though both athletes don’t really do it for the money, a boost can never hurt.



Besides the advantages of a friendly crowd if the rematch would take place in the UK, Anthony Joshua could also pay his respects for the country that made him big in the sport. Not to mention that a match with so much buzz around it will attract some very big personalities.


In the end, even Eddie Hearn said that the decision is all up to Joshua and what matters the most is that he wins this fight and gets back in top shape. On the other hand, Ruiz declared that he will honor the rematch no matter where they decide to place it. He is eager to prove that his win wasn’t just a mere accident and he is very confident he’ll do it again.


Was There a Panic Attack?

Hearn took some time during a recent interview to address the conspiracy theories pointing to a possible panic attack suffered by Joshua in the changing room, right before heading out to the ring. Other voices claim that he was also knocked out in sparring a few days before the match.


Hearn dismissed all these theories and just reminded everyone that Joshua was beaten by the better man and that the cause for him not looking right in the ring was the hit he received above the ear in the third round. ‘It’s heavyweight boxing’, he declared. So, after such a blow, it is normal for even a top athlete like Anthony to suffer some disorientation.