Queensland vs New South Wales for the inaugural Esmay Smith Cup on July 13

RINGSIDE 10/06/2019
Smithy TGW

IT’S STATE AGAINST STATE, MATE AGAINST MATE. Queensland vs New South Wales for the inaugural Esmay Smith Cup. It all came about when mates and fellow promoters Brendon Smith from TGW & Smithy’s Promotions and Paul Nasari from Neutral Corner Promotions met up at the Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine card at Suncorp Stadium and a bit of interstate banter led to the creation of the Esmay Smith Cup.

Team New South Wales headed by Paul Nasari and Paul Smithson will take on Team Queensland headed by Brendon Smith on an annual basis with the inaugural event to take place on July 13 at TGW & Smithy bring the Big Fights 23.

Both teams have selected their fighters and they’ll all be pre-matched and the team who win’s the most bouts on the night will be awarded the inaugural Esmay Smith Cup.

“This is a great opportunity for a lot of kids to get the chance to represent their State,” Team NSW’s Paul Nasari said.

“We’re going to smash you Queenslanders that’s all I’ve got to say.”

Paul Smithson added: “It’s a great opportunity, a lot of these kids don’t get the opportunity to fight interstate and represent their state.”

“It’s a wonderful concept, we’re in Toowoomba this year and next year we’ll host the event in New South Wales.

“Whoever Queensland has, bring it on, we’re ready.”

Both State’s have a number of fighters with National and International experience. It will be a unique opportunity for Toowoomba fight fans to see the next generation of boxing stars.

“There will be future State, National and International champions on display on July 13,” Brendon Smith said.

“The amateur ranks is the breeding ground for tomorrow’s pro stars.

“Remember the names of these boys, without a doubt there will be a future World Champion among them.

“I’m really excited to welcome Team New South Wales to Toowoomba, we’re honoured to host the inaugural Esmay Smith Cup.

“In typical New South Wales fashion Paul Nasari and Paul Smithson are doing plenty of talking but I know our team will be ready for the occasion.

“May the best team win.

“A big thank you to Paul Smithson and Paul Nasari for helping put this together, yes there is plenty of interstate banter between us and we’re proud of our home states however the biggest attraction of this event is the opportunity it offers for amateur fighters to perform on a big stage.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a State of Origin showdown without the bragging rights and a little side bet.

“The loser has to put up the oppositions flag out the front of their gym and I’ve heard Brendon has already ordered the flag pole for the front of Smithy’s TGW Gym, so what does that tell you,” Paul Smithson said.

“We want to see it right in the middle right out the front Brendon.

“We’re going to bring a New South Wales flag up for him to make sure it happens.

“If you’re wondering if we have a Queensland flag?

“The answer is – no, we don’t need one.”


The Esmay Smith Cup will be one of the many highlights on the TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 23 card headlined by three big professional title fights.

Herman Ene-Purcell faces Will Nasio for the Australasian heavyweight title, Jamie Hilt and Ash Huston square off for the Australasian super lightweight belt and Brent Rice faces Gaige Ireland for the Australian lightweight title

JUL13: TGW&Smithy Bring the Big Fights 23
Rumours International – Toowoomba
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