DiBella: If Golovkin thinks Rolls is a walkover, it’ll be a f***ing long night!

Steve Rolls’ promoter Lou DiBella believes Gennadiy Golovkin will have his hands full when the pair collide in New York tonight.

Undefeated Rolls was drafted to face Golovkin as the Kazakh begins his run towards a trilogy fight with Canelo Alvarez.

With bookmakers odds not favoring Rolls, DiBella’s says those fractions could be deceptive come the first bell.

“If (GGG) thinks this is going to be a walkover, then this is going to be a long f—ing night,” predicted DiBella.

“I don’t think it’s going to be an easy night for GGG. Rolls has been doing this a long time. I’m not bringing a victim to MSG. I’m not.

“I don’t believe he’s a stepping stone for anybody. The future of his family changes in one night with a good night. I’m not talking win, loss, or draw, but a good night from Steve Rolls changes his life.

“It justifies the half of his life that he’s spent doing this. So I’m happy he got here, I think he deserves to be here.

“I hope that GGG is the best GGG because Steve Rolls is a professional fighter, a good fighter who can knock him off his course.”

DiBella continued: “Personally, I’d rather see a guy who steps up to the opportunity of a lifetime and has never tasted defeat.

“It’s better off seeing someone new, fresh, hungry than someone recycled again. Rolls is a professional winner, not a professional loser.

“He’s done everything that he was supposed to do and he’s worked as hard as he can work for a long time, and I know he’s going to justify this opportunity.

“He’s a balanced measured professional fighter and he’s going to go in there and prove that to the world.”


“We know on June 8, Steve Rolls is getting the opportunity to fight someone special. This is for him the lottery here. He’s wanted a big fight, and he’s got the biggest.

“It’s his Super Bowl. He’s not going to roll over for anyone – excuse the bad pun – and he’s not going to roll over for Gennady Golovkin.

“He’s been waiting a long time for a chance, his moment, his shot,” he added.


Golovkin v Rolls is promoted by GGG Promotions, in association with DiBella Entertainment. Tickets to The Big Apple battle between Golovkin and are on sale. Priced at $750, $500, $300, $200, $100, and $50. Not including fees, tickets may be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office.

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