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Three ways to make money betting on boxing

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Boxing is one of the most popular and intensive Sports. It has been around for a very long time and even betting on boxing itself is estimated to have been around for 5000 years.  

It is without a doubt that betting on boxing is prominent when a major fight is on its way.

There are tons of matches which are coming up regularly, and if you are looking to take your love for boxing and notch higher, betting on Betway might just be what you are looking at. It’s no secret that Betway is among the more popular betting platforms out there. And if you are looking to bet on boxing with Betway it’s as simple as it gets.


You can enhance your bankroll by betting on boxing. If that is your plan then here are three ways to make that money.

#1. Be smart while you are placing a bet.

A lot of people take betting as a form of entertainment. However, if you are looking to take home some cash from betting, then you need to take it seriously. Therefore when you are betting on boxing, you need to be smart. This means that you should avoid the get quick rich schemes that are out there.

For instance, we know that Floyd Mayweather Jr is arguably the best boxer in the entire world. He wins all his fights. Although now he is in retirement during his struggles he was a high selling product. He is considered as the safe choice which can help you build your cash. This is, in contrast, to bet on fights which you do not know the boxers. They might be riskier, and the outcome is likely not on your side.

#2. Choose a specific fight.


If you are a casual bettor then how about, we stick to betting on a particular fight. You have three betting options with this tip; the moneyline, over/under bet and the prop bet.

The moneyline will give you an option of choosing the ultimate winner. For instance, if Mayweather and Conor McGregor are fighting you can opt to you want Mayweather as the winner. The second option – over or under bet.

However, you have to predict how long the fight will last. On the plus side, you do not have to stress yourself predicting who will win the match. The last betting option gives you various prop lines to choose from. For instance, a pre-fight prop will provide you with the opportunity of predicting if a boxer will miss the weight.

#3. Picking a specific winner.

This tip might be considered the most important when you are betting. You might compare it to moneyline, but in this case, you need to back up your prediction with scientific facts. Therefore you need a strategy when you are betting. It does not matter how small the plan is it will help you acquire the relevant knowledge of that fight. Moreover, it will increase your chances of winning.