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Home » Dec Spelman on song ahead of May 31 return to action in Scunthorpe

Dec Spelman on song ahead of May 31 return to action in Scunthorpe

Dec Spelman is the journeyman boxer who’s now set to fight for English honours – and could end up as a pop star !

Spelman has home advantage when he challenges Kirk Garvey for the English light-heavyweight championship at Scunthorpe Baths on Friday, May 31 – and if the 27 year old captures the St George’s belt, he may write a song about it !

“I’ve played the guitar for four or five years and about a year ago I started playing on stage,” he said.

“It’s a bit of fun, it takes my mind off boxing. I’m influenced by all kinds of music, especially indie rock bands like The Stone Roses and Oasis, but I write my own material. The next step would be to go into a recording studio, but at the moment, I’m just treating it as a hobby.”

Spelman admits he thought the English title was beyond his reach when he approached manager Carl Greaves about turning professional around five years ago.

“I told Carl I just wanted to go on the road and earn a few quid,” he said. “I was going to be a journeyman. I didn’t think I could sell tickets.

“I didn’t think anyone in Scunthorpe was interested in boxing. Carl must have seen something in me because he told me to try to sell tickets. I boxed around places like Lincoln, Hull and Doncaster, started knocking people out and built a following.

“I never really thought I would get this far.

“I had a couple of amateurs when I was 14, had a gap of three or four years and then came back, had some more and ended up turning pro just to make a few quid.”

Spelman has had an up-and-down career. What looked like a breakthrough win over Nathan King on a Sky Sports show was followed by a career-threatening back injury and Spelman also suffered the heartbreak of Scott Westgarth dying after their fight.


That led to Spelman wondering if he could carry on boxing, but with the support of Westgarth’s family, he’s continued and plans to give the St George’s belt to his family.

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