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Home » Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury had memory loss, needs warm-up to regain marbles

Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury had memory loss, needs warm-up to regain marbles

Deontay Wilder has warned Tyson Fury that he must be at his best before he even contemplates signing for a rematch.

Wilder floored the ‘Gypsy King’ twice when they met in December, including in the final round where it appeared that Fury was unconscious before dragging himself off the floor to beat the 10-count.

Reviewing his thunderous left-right combo on Fury in the twelfth, Wilder said:


“I hurt Tyson Fury very badly

“I gave him a concussion. Like I said, this man had memory loss, and that’s not healthy. That’s not healthy for you. And as a man, as a man with a family, hey, if you need a warmup or tune-up to make sure your marbles are back in place, go do that. Take as many warmups as you need. We understand.

“He said he got three more fights and then he out of here. We all know why he’s gonna be out of here, because sh*t, one of those fights leads up to me. And I’m gonna finish it. I’m gonna finish the job. So, I understand it all. I’m not a guy that can’t understand things. Even in everyday life, if someone’s going through something, my mind is, like I said, so big I can fit a spaceship in it.”

“What was the main highlight of the fight, the whole night?’ I think we can all answer that. It was Fury getting knocked on his ass and getting back up. That was the whole highlight of the whole fight. So, in that sense, I’m like, ‘Hey, I want a rematch.’ As a champion, moving forward, I wanna give you this rematch. I wanna bless you.”

“Fury know I gave him a concussion. When you get a man that don’t understand how he got on the ground, nor how he got up, his brain has been shooked. He don’t want that fight no more. He don’t wanna get in there no more. This is the common sense of a fighter.”



Wilder, who defends his WBC crown against Dominic Breazeale at the Barclays Center, believes that Fury’s deal with ESPN ultimately killed off any potential of the pair meeting again anytime soon.


Talking about the contract offered to Fury, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ said: “That’s why he had the contract in his face for five days to a week and didn’t sign it. And when ESPN came along and all them, yeah, it sounded good because they knew I was in the back of that.

“They wanted a rematch and they wanted me on the back of that. So that, right there, already killed his thrill of trying to fight. He didn’t want that fight, or it would’ve been happening. I wouldn’t have fought my mandatory. I would’ve went straight to Fury, and then got that fly out of the way in Breazeale.”