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Home » Breazeale: Wilder has no fundamental skills, hasn’t grown as champion

Breazeale: Wilder has no fundamental skills, hasn’t grown as champion

Dominic Breazeale has promised to expose Deontay Wilder ahead of his quest to become WBC heavyweight champion on May 18.

Since tasting defeat to Anthony Joshua, the Olympian has gone on to record three successive wins, including a victory over Eric Molina.

Breazeale, who prepares for a second whip at world glory, made a damning assessment of Wilder’s progression.


“Your opinion on him being a pretty good heavyweight champion, that’s your opinion alone. I don’t think anyone else agrees with you on that one,” Breazeale said to a reporter who asked a question at a press gathering. “But I don’t see any fundamental skills. I don’t see any successes on his part.

“He’s been champion for about four years. He hasn’t grown. He hasn’t changed. Yes, he’s got a big right-hand but don’t we all in the heavyweight division? We all have knockout power.

“So I think I’m walking into a fight where I’m the more skilled, more athletic and bigger, stronger guy.”

Reviewing his sole defeat to Joshua, Breazeale believes he has since matured as a fighter and plans to produce a masterclass in New York.

“I’ve grown a lot in the last few years. The Joshua fight was an eye opener. It was good experience. I learned then that I was standing there a lot more and taking some damage that I didn’t need to take because of the big guy that I am.



“As I said earlier, Wilder’s got a big right hand but so do I and I’ve got a big left hook. In the heavyweight division if you don’t have knockout power, you’ve got no reason to be in the division.

“So yes, Wilder’s going to throw some leather and make some contact by all means. Boxing, it’s all about hitting and not getting hit. I don’t plan on getting hit a lot May 18 and if I do, I’ve been there. I’ve done that before.

“At the same time I plan on putting on all the punishment. And if the right hand comes, so be it. I’ll deal with it. It’s part of boxing.”