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Home » Deontay Wilder: If Tyson Fury won so easy, why didn’t he take a rematch?

Deontay Wilder: If Tyson Fury won so easy, why didn’t he take a rematch?

WBC heavyweight ruler Deontay Wilder believes Tyson Fury’s cries of robbery should have been answered with an acceptance of a rematch.

Instead of facing Fury for a second time on May 18, Wilder finds himself undertaking mandatory duties against Dominic Breazeale.

Wilder v Fury II was all but agreed for Barclays Center in New York until Bob Arum entered the fray with a massive ESPN contract.

Fury took a huge check to control his own destiny, whilst leaving Wilder to wonder what might have been.

Discussing the fallout of the collapse, Wilder is sure Fury should have attempted to put right any grievances he had with the draw last December.

“What challenger do you know won’t take a rematch after they feel they got robbed?” asked Wilder. “If you think you won so easy, then why not do it again for big money?

“But that wasn’t the case. They had to look out for themselves and put themselves in the best position for them.

“I did the appropriate thing. Many people felt our fight was controversial so I gave him the rematch. I think he should have taken our deal while it was on the table.

“He got his new deal because they thought I was going to be a part of it. I mean, if I don’t give him that rematch, they’re going to be sick.”


Asked who he wants to fight next, Wilder continued: “The future is bright. Of course, I want the best and we’re going to get the best. I want to see one champion, one face, one name, that’s always going to be my ultimate goal.

“No matter who I may have to face, we’re going one step at a time, one fight at a time. You guys know my ultimate goal. As long as you know my ultimate goal, I shouldn’t be questioned about anything else, because my ultimate goal is to be the best and I will be that.”

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