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Home » Anthony Joshua to Deontay Wilder: Why wait? – You’re starving the fans!

Anthony Joshua to Deontay Wilder: Why wait? – You’re starving the fans!

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Anthony Joshua says Deontay Wilder’s decision to focus on a heavyweight rematch with Tyson Fury is only going to hurt the fight fans.

The British puncher, who faces Andy Ruiz Jr. on June 1st, was hoping to negotiate a December deal with his main divisional adversary.

Wilder has admitted he wants to seek out Fury for a second meeting, possibly for the back end of 2019 or early 2020, leaving Joshua in no man’s land.

With a massive undisputed unification at stake, Joshua has urged Wilder to come to the table in order to secure a huge contest for the 200 pounds plus weight class.

“Wilder is just starving the fans from an undisputed heavyweight championship fight,” Joshua told Sporting News.

“Deontay Wilder has smart people around him, he must know what he’s doing or be saying it to try and throw me off, who knows?

“He might want the fight next, but I don’t see why he would want to wait until 2020. Because 2020 turns into 2021. We need to get these negotiations on the way now in the background.

“I’ll focus on my fight, but he’s got people representing him. I’ve got people representing that can have these conversations so we can have the fight in 2019.

“I don’t know why he must wait so long. But I can’t control the division. I think people assume that we were the ones that are dodging people.

“They did a great campaign to make a name off the back of our success on this side of the pond. With all that talking and hearsay, none of them have stepped up to fight.

“So, what can I say, talk is cheap,” he concluded.


Joshua v Wilder is, without doubt, the most prestigious fight on offer. Although some see unfinished business with Fury needing attention.

A three-pronged round robin of match-ups would be the ideal outcome, potentially with the Wilder v Fury II winner facing Joshua next.

Then, whoever comes out with all the titles, gives the loser of Wilder v Fury II their chance. Provided they get back to winning ways.

Fingers crossed that something along those lines comes to fruition soon.