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Home » Tyson Fury not retiring, won’t face Dillian Whyte as Deontay Wilder II is on

Tyson Fury not retiring, won’t face Dillian Whyte as Deontay Wilder II is on

Lineal heavyweight champion and WBN Fighter of the Year Tyson Fury has reacted to whispers he could be retiring by completely dismissing them out of hand.

Reports surfaced Fury may walk away again after three more fights, although as ‘The Gypsy King’ pointed out, he has a five-fight deal with ESPN.

“I didn’t say retirement,” Fury told Michelle Phelps of Behind The Gloves. “I’ve said I’d be gone. I said I was gonna have three fights and I’d be gone.

“I meant I’d be gone for the year and have some time off. Also, I have a five-fight deal, so unless I’m gonna jack after three fights – I don’t think so! I fooled you all.

“I’m only a young pup, I’ve only just started to come into my career – my second career.

“I’ve only had a few fights back so yeah, this is the fourth defence of my lineal championship of the world. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Fury then addressed further rumors the WBC would order an eliminator against Dillian Whyte (which is yet to be confirmed by the World Boxing Council).

The 30 year-old pointed out an all-UK clash is not necessary as he’s already got a title shot against Deontay Wilder lined up, possibly by the end of the year.

“I don’t need to fight eliminators to fight people. I’ve already had a Deontay Wilder fight without an eliminator,” Fury stated.

“I think it’s very unfair the way that they’re treating Dillian Whyte because he’s had to fight some good, undefeated men to work his way back up the ladder.

“I’m starting to believe what he’s saying about them not wanting him to fight for a title. Maybe because IF they’ve ordered him to fight me, that’s a guaranteed loss (for him).”


He continued: “How long have you known me? Do I take orders from anybody? Definitely not.

“I ain’t being ordered to do anything by anybody. I’ve got my own s*** going on, I’m going at my own pace. I do what I want to do.

“I think December 2019 we’re gonna see the rematch (with Wilder anyway). We’re gonna see me kick his a** again. This time though, he won’t be able to live with me.

“I’d just had two little fight comebacks. I’ve been back well over a year. I’m strong at the weight and I don’t have to lose any more weight.

“He had the biggest opportunity of his life to beat me and he couldn’t do it. Never again will he have that opportunity of a Tyson Fury only 40 per cent of what he should be.

“After three years out the ring of drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health problems. Plus a ten stone weight loss. And he still couldn’t beat me. How much better am I than these guys?”

Tom Schwarz is up next for Fury in a Las Vegas debut on June 15. A win is expected to lead to another outing in September before Wilder.