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How to Bet on Boxing

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While the sport of boxing has been constantly attracting fans over the years, there has also been an increase in the wagering department.

Boxing is still considered one of the biggest businesses for bookmakers today. Once bettors understand the complexities of the sport, not only will it seem more exciting to them, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to bet better.

Whether you’re a new boxing fan or a seasoned bettor looking for a chance to improve your odds, read through this guide to learn about the elements of betting and boxing.  

Ways on How a Match Would End

As with most sports, having an understanding of boxing and knowledge on what markets are available should be the first step to grasp when betting on boxing. You should know more about how a boxing match would end. Here are the five usual outcomes in which a boxing match would end, depending on the decision of the judges:

  • Disqualification – One boxer is disqualified.
  • Decision – The judges would proclaim the winner by raising the scorecard for each fighter.
  • Technical Decision – The winner is decided based on points after one boxer is injured immensely.
  • Knockout – The losing boxer failed to counterattack his opponent in a span of the ten-second count from the referee.
  • Technical Knockout – This happens when the referee ceased the fight due to one boxer being unable to continue. This would be either due to an injury from a punch or when the opponent’s corner would concede by “throwing in the towel”.

Betting Markets in Boxing

For the betting markets available in boxing. The range of markets available in boxing is quite limited compared with sports like football. In boxing, there are six different types of bets offered by numerous operators:

  1. Over/Under Round

In this bet, you would have to choose to predict the outcome of the fight. It will either last for more or less than the allocated amount of rounds in a boxing match. An example of this would be if someone wagered on over 7 rounds. He or she would lose if the match stopped in the 6th round and would win if the match reached more than the 7.5th round.

  1. Fight to go the Distance

This betting method includes a simple agreement or disagreement whether the match would reach a total of 12 rounds. If you choose this method, you should do extensive research regarding the history of the participating boxers.

  1. Method of Victory

This market allows bettors to choose from the five outcomes in which a boxing match would end.

  1. Bout Betting

It’s also called winner betting. This type allows punters to wager on a participant to win or decide whether the match will end in a draw. The draw option will consist of long odds because draws do not often occur in boxing.

  1. Round Betting

This is quite similar to bout betting, but instead of betting on one winner, the punter would also choose the round in which they would win. This market is preferable if the outright odds are very low.

  1. Round Group Betting

Lastly, this market is similar to round betting but offers more flexibility in choosing the round. This is a favorite among punters because picking the exact round is hard to do.

What are the odds?

You will find the term ‘odds’ in every betting vocabulary. An important step for every punter is learning how these odds work. The odds for every match tells you how it would likely occur and gives you an insight into the possibility of your winnings. Betting odds allow you to analyze the match and make your decisions when you place a bet based on these odds. Each bookmaker and match consists of different betting odds and markets. It is imperative to find the best betting odds before placing a bet.    

Choosing Your Winner

There are formal betting types in which punters would utilize the services of bookmakers. There is also informal betting in which punters would just bet on either boxer in a match to win. However, these two would require you to carefully choose a winner if you want to win the bet. You should have basic knowledge of both participants before placing your bet. You should know the opponent as much as your preferred winner. Listed below are some things to consider before placing a bet.

Tale of the Tape – Before a match would begin, basic information about each boxer would be released to the media. These include height, weight or in boxing terms, in which division does the boxer belong to based on age, record, experience and reach. It is crucial to analyze these before any others. Some of these things will give you a hint for the upcoming match. For example, a southpaw or a left-handed boxer may have an advantage over his right-handed opponent.

Physical Condition – Another crucial thing to note is the boxer’s physical condition. He must have been keeping in shape and maintaining his weight as well as having no current disabilities or diseases that might hinder his victory.

Previous Matches – Watching a video or two about how the boxer did would be quite helpful. Assessing the types and difficulty of each competition the boxer has encountered can tell you important insights.

Boxing Style – Through this, you can tell if the particular boxing style of the boxer can be his advantage or disadvantage when it comes to his opponent’s boxing style. Has he constantly remained in defensive or prefer offensive moves? Does he constantly strike or carefully choose his moves?

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker Site

When it comes to boxing, you should look out for two key requirements. The first is if the site has the best odds for the wager you plan to make. The second one is if the site contains the best promotional offers available in the market.

If it is strenuous and time-consuming for you to manually skim through each site, don’t fret because there are comparison websites online. These will aid you in comparing major bookmakers. The sites will also help you decide where you will acquire the best value for your wager.

In some bookmaking sites, they offer more favorable odds on the assumed underdog of the upcoming match. Choose from these sites if that particular underdog is the one who you would place your bet on.

Big boxing events will have bookmakers release new promotions and offers to catch the attention of boxing bettors. When you have chosen your preferred bookmaking site from comparison websites, it is best to read more about their offers on their own websites. This can get you to see if there are free bets or discounts available. Lastly, choose sites with great features and uncomplicated layouts. These will aid you greatly when you decide on that particular website.

Most online bookmakers marketed in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, have great website features. UK bookmakers with live streaming are surely a great start when choosing a website. Now you have an idea on how to bet on boxing matches. Wait for a big event to start applying what you have learned.