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World Boxing News to remove WBA ‘Regular’ from world champions list

World Boxing News would like to make a record of their renewed stance against the World Boxing Association continually adding new titles.

The most recent ‘Gold’ WBA championship has muddied the already murky waters of straps in the sport. Something needs to be done to reverse the flow.

Therefore, WBN will no longer recognize the WBA ‘Regular’ belt brought in some years ago. This comes on the back of a broken promise by President Gilberto Mendoza to WBN back in 2013.


At the time, Mendoza stated unequivocally that he would eradicate the ‘regular’ titles at the earliest opportunity in order to have one sole champion per division.

This has not transpired, and furthermore, has been made even more complicated.

Should promoters and other resources offering WBN information on their upcoming fights want to continue acknowledging such titles, WBN will not stand in the way of this when processing the information for publication.

But WBN will no longer place the ‘regular’ title on the champions section of the site.

In addition, and wherever we can, champions and multi-weight belt holders will not have ‘regular’ or ‘gold’ belts added to their records.


At present, the following WBA title holders have been removed from the champions page:

Mahmoud Charr (Heavyweight)

Canelo Alvarez (Super-middleweight)

Rob Brant (Middleweight)

Brian Castano (Super-Welterweight)

Manny Pacquiao (Welterweight)

Andrew Cancio (Super-Featherweight)


Xu Can (Featherweight)

Naoya Inoue (Bantamweight)

Carlos Canizales (Light-Flyweight)

Moving forward, only those fighters the WBA states are ‘super’ champions, in a division with two recognized rulers, will be placed as a bonafide world champion by WBN.


Hopefully, it’s a step forward to others doing similar. The present flow of straps in boxing has become a ridiculous mess.

Culling belts clogging up the sport is just one of the ongoing problems fan and media power could solve. The other being the performance enhancing drugs debacle.

Boxing needs an independent counsel to rule on cases of adverse findings in order to maximize penalties for use as a deterrent.

Six-month bans are not any form of punishment at all. They are simply another black eye for boxing and will never be strong enough for those caught cheating.

As a result of this statement by WBN, any questions or comments on this matter can be directed to [email protected]

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay