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Floyd Mayweather opponents total win-loss record a mind-blowing statistic

Ex-pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather is revered as a champion who took on anyone and everyone during his stellar ring career.

Consistently facing champions throughout his 50 contests, WBN recently counted up the fact that Mayweather faced 23 past or future title holders over his three decades.

Going one further, World Boxing News crunched the numbers of those who shared the squared circle with Mayweather over the years.


After some tallying, the conclusion drawn outlines Mayweather fought foes with an eye-popping record of 1393-206-42 combined.

Mayweather took three undefeated records during that time. The late great Diego Corrales was the first. Ricky Hatton the second and more recently Canelo Alvarez.

Corrales was 33-0 when beaten by Mayweather. Hatton was 43-0, with Alvarez 42-0-1. Those three alone represented a 118-0-1 boost for Mayweather’s C.V.

Those with just a solitary defeat include Genaro Hernandez – Mayweather’s first world title challenge, Jesus Chavez, Philipp Ndou and Robert Guerrero.

By the time Mayweather had trade blows with his biggest career rivals in Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao, both had four and five reverses respectively.


Facing fifty opponents with losses totaling just over the two hundred mark certainly is some going for the Hall of Fame legend, who continues to be linked with a rematch opposite Pacquiao to this day.

At 42 years of age, Mayweather could still mix it with the best around 147 and 154. He continues to resist temptation.

In his last outing on New Year’s Eve it was a farcical event. Although the brief contest did pocket the American a cool ten million dollars.

Beating Tenshin Nasukawa to a pulp in one round with a huge weight differential was something of a non-event. By his own admission, Mayweather didn’t even prepare for slightly-built kickboxer.


In contrast, Pacquiao seemed to be on the agenda for some months until Mayweather ultimately decided against a rematch.

The pair met in Tokyo to discuss the possibility of a summer return. Pacquiao even signed up to Mayweather’s promotional brand.


It looked for all the world that a second installment was on the cards until Mayweather eventually pulled the plug.

Whether that was down to his own unwillingness to train or if his body just wasn’t up to the task we may never know. But for now, Mayweather remains retired at 50-0.