Eddie Hearn may have lost any slim chance he had of a Tyson Fury deal

Tyson Fury Eddie Hearn

📸 Lawrence Lustig

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn has blasted former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for recent comment made about his father, Barry.

Fury advised Hearn not to allow his dad to take control of press conference following a number of gaffes during the Dillian Whyte v Oscar Rivas proceedings.

Hearn, 70, had talked about ‘slave contract’s as Whyte looked on, whilst also mentioning the right not to buy his Pay-Per-View.

In regards to Fury, Hearn stated: “Tyson Fury is the best Gypsy boxer in the world, isn’t he? The king of the Gypsies who’ll fight any man whatsoever?

“Ah, his next opponent is ranked number 93 (really rated 37) with BoxRec.

“Congratulations. Make of it what you want, but let’s have no bull**** – shall we?” said Hearn.

Retaliating some hours later, Fury hit social media with: “Eddie, please sort your dad out. He’s ruining the job for you,” Fury said in social media video.

“First thing he does is talk about slaves and slave-driving with Dillian Whyte. Next thing he’s saying to the public, ‘if you don’t like it (Pay-Per-View), don’t pay for it. Everything is Pay-Per-View, I’m not bothered if you buy it or not.’

“Then he’s getting wrong information on Tom Schwarz,. Because we both know he’s ranked number two with the WBO and in the Top 10 in the IBF.

“Best thing to do Eddie is give him another can of beer and put him back in the cupboard, the old red-faced fool.

“Give him a four-pack of Stella and stick him in the cupboard before he ruins your job for you.

“Eddie, you’re trying to charm everybody with your big smile and your handsome rogue face, but your dad’s coming out and mucking it all up mush.

“Get him back in the cupboard with a four-can of Stella – ha ha!”


Eddie then spoke to IFL TV to reveal his disgust, whilst hitting Fury with a low blow over his pledge to give away his Deontay Wilder purse to help others.

“I thought it was really disrespectful, to be honest,” said Hearn. “He’s talking about: ‘He’s a boozer, a drinker’. He’s not, but let’s look at history of people.

“You can’t really be pretending you’re this great role model. Then talking to people like that.

“So I was disappointed with Tyson’s comments, but it is what it is with him.

“One minute he’s giving his entire purse away to charity, which he obviously never did, and on the other hand he’s now going back to his ways of negativity.”

A fight against Fury on the agenda for star fighter Anthony Joshua. Hearn may have possibly damaged any chances they had of working together with the nature of his outburst.

Fury is currently preparing in Cannes for his clash with Schwarz on June 15 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.