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Home » Calls for WBA / Jarrell Miller boycott following ASTONISHING punishment

Calls for WBA / Jarrell Miller boycott following ASTONISHING punishment

Frustrated fans have taken to social media to call for a blanket boycott of the World Boxing Association and a partial one for Jarrell Miller following actions failed drug tests.

Miller was removed from his June 1st clash at Madison Square Garden recently for taking a cocktail of three different banned substances.

One was a growth hormone, which has to be injected, whilst one of the others was a known steroid.

The boxing fraternity aired their disproval at Miller’s actions, And had, like WBN, expected a stern punishment to be handed out.

News that the WBA has issued a six-month ban, the usual amount of time any top heavyweight spends out of the ring anyway during fights, has been met with disbelief.

Once again, President Gilberto Mendoza has come under fire. His continued disregard of what’s in the best interests of the sport is simply dumbfounding.

Mendoza told World Boxing News in February 2013 he would do all he can to reduce the number of world title belts in his organization.

The WBA had introduced the ‘regular’ title a few years prior. An extra strap boxing didn’t want, need or ask for. Fast forward four years, and Mendoza began tentative steps to at least unify the heavyweight division.

After several failed fights, Mendoza completely gave up. Then, just as punters were unsuspecting, the WBA brought in their ‘gold’ title belt in 2019.


This means there are now up to FIVE CHAMPIONS in each division with the WBA alone. Not to mention the International and Inter-Continental versions.

WBA ‘Super’, WBA ‘Regular’, WBA ‘Gold’, Interim and Emeritus champions are active and present in the current cruiserweight climate.

Add to that the lack of faith in the justice system as displayed more recently with Miller, who unlike Canelo in 2018 freely admitted his guilt, some have asked for boxing to take their own stance.

One fan said: “Maybe if championships don’t back their belts. Boycott fights, maybe the WBA would be forced into action. Until then these cheats will carry on.”

Others added: “WBA and Gilberto Mendoza, you and your organization are a disgrace to boxing #BoycottWBA!” and “Escaped with a loophole. The WBA are a disgrace. Promoters and fighters should boycott Jarrel Miller.”

It’s now down to VADA to do what’s right and order a two-year minimum suspension for Miller. Six months is not going to put a dent in Miller’s career and will certainly won’t deter any other fighter from doing the same in the future.

Hopefully, sense will eventually prevail. Or at least steps will finally be taken to put together an independent panel who can dish out REAL punishments.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay