Sohail Ahmad talks having ‘Mr Myagi’ in his corner for May 4 return

RINGSIDE 24/04/2019

Sohail Ahmad is looking to fight for super-lightweight titles soon – now he’s found his own Mr Myagi!

Ahmad steps up to fight over 10 rounds on manager Mickey Helliet’s show at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday, May 4.

The 31 year old from West Brompton will have Richard Williams in his corner for the biggest fight of his pro career – or as he calls him, Mr Myagi !

Myagi was the fictional character who turned a shy schoolboy into a martial arts hero in ‘The Karate Kid’ movie – and Ahmad says ex-Commonwealth champion Williams has helped him undergo a big transformation.

“Richard has slowed me down, got me thinking about my boxing,” said Ahmad, whose 14-fight record shows only one loss and one draw.

“He says: ‘Don’t throw 10 punches, throw five and make them count.’

“He’s changed the way I think about boxing.

“I was beginning to think boxing was too hard for me. I was starting to think: ‘I can’t do this.’

“But now Richard is teaching me, I’m thinking: ‘I can really do this.’

“I call him ‘Mr Myagi’ because he knows so much and is such a good teacher.”

Williams was also a very polished boxer in his prime, good enough to win Commonwealth honours at 11 stones and twice fight Sergio Martinez.

The obvious target for Ahmad is Phillip Bowes, the Leytonstone southpaw who holds the Commonwealth super-lightweight belt.

Ahmad said: “We have the same manager, so it’s a fight that makes sense and is easy to make.

“If I get through this next one, I will be saying to Mickey: ‘Let’s get it on !’


“I have sparred Phillip once or twice and I know he’s a slick fighter, a tricky fighter. But he’s not a hurtful puncher. His power didn’t bother me.

“I’ve got a 10 rounder next and I want to move into championship level sooner rather than later.”