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Home » Fans react as Claressa Shields states she could beat Rocky Fielding

Fans react as Claressa Shields states she could beat Rocky Fielding

Undisputed women’s middleweight champion Claressa Shields caused quite a stir on social media this week with a bold claim she could defeat Rocky Fielding.

Shields, who recently took Christina Hammer’s title belt to unify fully in the female 160 division, has been discussing fighting men following the win.

In an interview with TMZ, it was reported Shields called out Gennady Golovkin, before the obvious reaction from fans followed.

One fan stated Shields ‘would get knocked out in round one’ by most male fighters, to which Shields replied: “So I can’t beat Rocky Fielding? You are out of your mind.”

It’s not fully understood why Fielding was the man chosen. But more than likely due to the fact the Briton was taken apart by Canelo in December.

Canelo was moving up from middleweight and proved far too much for Fielding, the WBA super-middleweight champion at the time.

Since Shields made the statement, UK fans especially have been vocal in their opinion.

One said: “Rocky would knock you unconscious, the arrogance is unbelievable.”

Another added: “Fielding beats you, but the male I definitely think you would beat if you landed on his chin is Amir Khan.”

A third stated: “Rocky would punch your head off seriously now do one.”

Finally, a reply read: “No disrespect but you would absolutely flattened by the likes of Fielding. Enjoy your deserved reign in women’s boxing but stop this nonsense about beating men. You can’t beat them.”


Citing Ronda Rousey as an example, one reply sent a warning to Shields about engaging in such talk.

“Look, they (are) doing the same thing to you they did to Ronda Rousey. She started making these same comments.

“She ended up losing her next two fights. Then quit and retired. Don’t engage in it. Not good.”

On the flip side, there was a portion who agreed with Shields.

“I got Claressa KO-ing Feilding within six,” predicted one. Another added: “My money on Claressa Shields.”