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Home » Manny’s son Jimuel Pacquiao scores devastating KO

Manny’s son Jimuel Pacquiao scores devastating KO

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Jimmy (Jimuel) Pacquiao showed further promise with a spectacular knockout victory as he followed in his father Manny’s footsteps.

The teenager, making his way at just 19 years of age, planted opponent Miguel Egan in the second round. There was no getting up for Egan on the back of a left, hook-straight right combination.

It was a far cry from Pacquiao’s previous contest as Jimmy eeked out a draw in an exhibition bout.

This time, competing under amateur conditions, Pacquiao displayed the promise that Filipinos are buzzing about his future.

Team Pacquiao member Dyan Castillejo captured incredible footage of Jimmy’s superb stoppage.

Manny Pacquiao Jr

Dyan said about the clip: “The KO win of Jimuel Pacquiao vs Miguel Egan. 2nd Rd KO. Left hook, right straight – Boom! Rd 2.

“Jimuel (sent a) message to his mom and dad, “I won !!”. (And that) He wants to continue to train to build.”

Father Manny was never keen for his children to box. But like their wife Jinkee, he has had to acclimatize to Jimmy’s wishes.

The youngster has been hit with the boxing bug. It seems inevitable that a professional career will follow.

Still fighting himself at 40, veteran Manny has some massive shoes for Jimmy to fill.


Winning eight weight world championships, Pacquiao Sr. is one of the best boxers of his generation. History shows this is not always the case when sons follow their famous dads in the sport.

The likes of Aaron Pryor Jr, Hasim Rahman Jr, Marvin Frazier, and others have failed to live up to expectations in the past.

One exception to the rule was Floyd Mayweather, who wholely out-did his father, Floyd Sr., and Uncle Roger, who had their moments.

It’s obviously still in Jimmy’s early days. But with a name like Pacquiao behind him, Jimmy already has a huge leg up in the promotional stakes.

Top Rank’s Bob Arum, Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn, and Golden Boy’s Oscar De La Hoya hope to fend off Mayweather in signing the prospect.

With Manny currently at Mayweather Promotions, it seems a no-brainer Jimmy would do the same.