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British Board to consider amendments following Mike Towell death ruling

British Boxing Board of Control executives will consider changes to their current regulations following a ruling into the death of Mike Towell.

‘Iron Mike’ died in 2016 following a tragic fight against Welshman Dale Evans at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow.

Towell was stopped in five rounds and quickly deteriorated. He died later that same day in the early hours of September 30.

An inquest recently ruled that the Evans v Towell fight should never have taken place due to ongoing problems with the Scotsman.

The BBBofC will now look through their rules in order to ensure a similar incident does not take place in the future.

A statement released on Friday said the following: “The British Boxing Board of Control are presently considering the judgement into the death of Boxer Mike Towell published by the Sheriff Principal C. D. Turnbull in Glasgow.

“All recommendations made will be fully considered by the Stewards of the Board, Medical Panel and legal representatives.

“The Board will, of course,e advise the Sheriff Principal of its findings. Any amendments to its regulations and licensing procedures for all boxers following full consideration of the recommendations.”

Opponent Evans retired not long after the fight citing the traumatic experience as a key factor.

Speaking in 2018, Evans said: “My boxing days are over.

“I’ve had a rollercoaster of a career, never backed out of a fight. I didn’t care about the unbeaten record, I just got on with it in order to earn a few quid for myself.

“I worked alongside the boxing for the majority of my career because the money was never great.

“After walking into a boxing gym at the age of nine and turning professional at 19, boxing has been a big part of my life – it WAS my life.

“I haven’t achieved what I’d have liked to, but I did alright, I guess. Maybe I set the bar a bit high for myself or maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was, I don’t know.

“Either way, at 26, I thought the boxing would get me a house. I’d be moved into my own place by now (but) it didn’t.

“After some time out and questioning myself whether I’d fight again, a big fight was offered to me a few weeks ago.


“As always, I jumped at it! But the spark, the hunger and determination wasn’t there. Just worry and fear (and) I’ll openly admit. So that’s why I’ve made the decision I have.

“I’m so, so grateful for every single person who paid for tickets to come and support me. Anyone who gave up their weekends to travel across the country to watch me fight. It’s something that will stick with me forever.”

Towell was much-loved and obviously gripped by the sport that ultimately ended his life.