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Home » David Allen: First ever full camp could lead to Derek Chisora or David Price

David Allen: First ever full camp could lead to Derek Chisora or David Price

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British heavyweight David Allen is just days away from finishing up camp for his toughest test yet against Australian hard-hitter Lucas Browne.

The 27 year-old has been afforded the opportunity to gain a massive all-UK fight this year but needs to come through the ex-WBA ruler to get it.

Allen, by his own admissions, hasn’t been fully focused in the past. The Doncaster man has been getting serious in training for what could be a slugfest on April 20.

‘Papi Pay-Per-View’ shares top billing with Derek Chisora at The O2 Arena in London. Allen knows a win could mean a meeting with the ‘WAR’ man over the summer.

David Price is also a potential opponent down the line. Allen admits it’s crunch time for his career.

“(A few) more days of proper training and my first ever full camp is done,” said Allen. “no excuses no injuries, no nothing. Finally putting it all on the line.

“If I’m good enough great, if not I can live with it. I’ll finally get to know.

“I don’t know how good I am. I don’t know how good he is at this point. Beating Browne gives me the Price or Chisora fight so the win is all I care about.

“When I beat Lucas Browne and go top 15 in the world with an organization boxing Twitter have a meltdown.

“I’ve got eight more fights left to win titles. Have eight great nights and make enough money to live a steady life after boxing.

“I’m dedicating my life to the next eight fights see where it takes me.”


Asked who he’d prefer to fight out of Chisora or Price, Allen replied: “Price at the Echo (now M & S Bank Arena).

“I would love that but I’m not looking past Browne. It just makes getting up early to run easier thinking it’s a possibility if I win this one,” he added.

Browne’s last UK showing was nothing to write home about as ‘Big Daddy’ lost via crushing knockout against Dillian Whyte.

Many punters are giving Allen a firm chance of taking Browne out following his recent good form.

Wins against Nick Webb, Samir Nebo and Ariel Bracamonte have launched Allen into the most lucrative run of his career.

It could get even better for ‘The White Rhino’ if he can take Browne out and face a top UK name down the line.