25 year-old Boxing contender retires after losing TEN KNOCKDOWN brawl


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Patryk Szymanski retired as Robert Talarek scored the 24th victory of his career on Saturday night in extraordinary circumstances.

The 25 year-old was involved in an astonishing brawl with veteran Talarek, hitting the canvas six times on his way to a second career loss in 21.

Talarek, who had lost 13 bouts prior, made a belated name for himself with a fifth round stoppage.

The statistics for the fight made eye-popping reading.

A CompuBox summary of the contest read: “Who says that “Rocky” fights can’t happen in the real world?

“Talarek overcame a hellish first round in which he suffered two knockdowns. He trailed 39-3 in overall connects, 13-1 in landed jabs and 26-2 in power connects to score one knockdown in the second, two in the third and two in the fourth to set up his sixth (and the fight’s combined 10th) knockdown in round five.

“Szymanski, who also floored Talarek twice in the second after being floored himself early in the round, arose from the fifth round tumble. But referee Robert Gortat deemed him unfit to continue.


“Szymanski’s giant first round leads accounted for his advantages in the raw numbers (121-80 overall, 43-15 jabs, 78-65 power as well as 25%-23% in jab accuracy and 52%-46% in power precision).

“But Talarek prevailed 39%-37% in overall accuracy. He closed the show sensationally by landing 69% overall (27 of 39), 60% jabs (6 of 10) and 72% power (21 of 29). For the record, Szymanski led 35-34 on two scorecards while the third was even (34-34).”


On the triumph, Talarek enjoyed basking in the limelight of his Katowice adulation.

“Of course, there were moments of doubt,” Talerek told Polsat Sport. 

“I knew that Szymanski was a good technician and it would be very difficult at the beginning.

“That’s what I expected and that was the reality. His speed (was surprising). I thought he would be a bit slower.

“But I have the heart of a warrior. My profession (as a Polish miner) has toughened me up,” he added.

Suffering previous losses to John Ryder, Liam Smith and Conrad Cummings, Talarek’s career was nothing to write home about.

A long hard slog of career has now made some headlines for Talarek. Furthermore, he may well be tapped for a rematch should Szymanski make an expected u-turn on hanging up his gloves.