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Home » Floyd Mayweather breaks silence as Manny Pacquiao lines up alternatives

Floyd Mayweather breaks silence as Manny Pacquiao lines up alternatives

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Three-highly-ranked and experienced welterweights are being placed as backups for Manny Pacquiao’s next fight should Floyd Mayweather decide against a rematch.

Pacquiao spent time with Mayweather in the Philippines amidst rumors the legends were trying to thrash out a return deal.

It’s estimated the second fight could be worth around $250 between them if they reach an agreement.

Mayweather has stalled in recent weeks, leading to Pacquiao’s career being put on hold in his twilight years. This has led to Pacquiao and his team lining up three potential alternatives to Mayweather.

First choice is WBA ‘Super’ title holder Keith Thurman. The second pick is former two-weight ruler Danny Garcia. Third of the trio is WBC champion Shawn Porter.

Thurman has seemingly been on the cards for some time, whilst Garcia has to beat Adrian Granados to remain in contention this month.

Porter holding the World Boxing Council belt, a strap Pacquiao hasn’t worn for nine years, makes him an attractive proposition.

It’s thought Pacquiao has a cut off point at which Mayweather will have to make his position clear.

There’s been no official confirmation of talks since Pacquiao went public on March 5th. Mayweather is a stickler for controlling how his fights are announced.


Issuing a denial this week, Mayweather’s stint in Pacquiao’s home country seemed to be a clear indication something big was on the horizon.

‘A few fights in Japan’ have failed to materialize as previously promised by the ‘Money’ man, which leads most to believe Pacquiao is firmly in the frame.

At the close of his visit, Mayweather finally addressed the constant rumors.

“We had a great fight. And we both had great careers. We move on and do other things in life. I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t just box inside the ring,” said Mayweather.

“I had a fun time while I was fighting, great time. But you know, I do so many other things. I’m a chameleon.”

He added: “It’s about giving back to family also. That’s my focus as of right now. I will always be involved with boxing to give back to young fighters.”