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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Langford discusses facing untested Lerrone Richards

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Langford discusses facing untested Lerrone Richards

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Tommy Langford made his return to the ring last month with a points victory prior to his upcoming fight with Lerrone Richards.

Langford ow has the opportunity to become a two-weight recognized title holder.

When asked by WBN about the fight, Langford exclusively told World Boxing News: “The fight got offered and I’m more than happy to take it. I’m very confident of beating Lerrone, I know how good he is, I’ve sparred him.

“I know he’s very slick, a good operator technically but I don’t feel he’s been in any kind of water let alone deep water yet.”

The fight will take place on the undercard of Dubois vs. Lartey at Wembley Arena on April 27th with the Commonwealth and WBO International titles on the line.

“If you look at his record, in the last year he’s not fought anyone. He’s jumping in there with me who’s had over 30 competitive rounds, all of them championship level.”

“It’s a very good fight, a technically good fight. Don’t get me wrong I’ll have to be absolutely on my game on the day. I expect a very tricky workout but I’m very confident that I can beat him.”

Notably mentioned, Richards hasn’t fought in over a year. He makes his first step up in opposition against Langford.

“It’s very hard to say because even though he was active previously if you look at the opposition he’s been in with, he’s probably had harder sparring sessions than a lot of the people he’s fought,” pointed out Langford.

“He really is unknown. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a good reputation and I’ve been in the ring with him. I know how good he is technically. Obviously, he’s had world-class sparring but sparring is sparring.”

“It’s behind closed doors, it’s a lot of things that factor in on fight night that aren’t there in sparring sessions.”

Richards holds an untested record of 11-0 (3KOs) but so far has appeared flash and calculated. Langford who is the more experienced man in the ring has high hopes of performing against his opponent, he said:

“We really don’t know what Lerrone’s got, nobody does. It’s all well and good people saying good things about him in the gym but you just don’t know. His own team don’t know what he’s got on fight night when he’s up against it and he’s against a top operator.

“He doesn’t know what it’s like. I don’t think he’s even been punched in the fights he’s had. He’s been that dominant and the people in front of him haven’t been there to beat him, they’ve been there to do the rounds.”


Langford goes into the fight with a record of 21-3 (6KOs) and four British title fights under his belt.

A move up in weight may also expose his true potential and put him back on the scene.

“It’s very hard to say what a true representation of Lerrone is. We’ll get that on April 27th, regardless of all that, I’m very confident of beating him,” the Midlands man concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller