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Here’s ‘the truth’ on why Bob Arum made Terence Crawford v Amir Khan

Bob Arum has opened up on why he wanted to make Terence Crawford v Amir Khan a Pay-Per-View event for Top Rank.

The welterweight showdown carries ESPN PPV coverage in the spring for what is a bustling division at 147.

Arum revealed all on why putting the fight together was a top priority for him.

“The first thing is, ‘What’s the best fight we can do,’ and I have always been an Amir Khan fan. I don’t say this now because I am promoting him in this fight, but I remember back in the day years and years ago when Amir Khan joined Manny Pacquiao in his camp and was a tremendously skillful partner,” said Arum.

Amir knows we were (interested when) he was in the Philippines. He participated in that camp – so look, I know a little bit about boxing.

“Our matchmakers are tremendously skilled, but I’ve been around over 50 years in this sport. I know what makes a good fight, and what’s a competitive fight.

“I’m telling you that Amir Khan versus Terence Crawford is a hugely competitive fight.

“Styles make fights, and this is the first pay per view event that we are doing with ESPN and we value tremendously our relationship with ESPN.

“I want going in, and at the fight, going out, everybody to say, “It was a great, great fight.”

“I really believe that the fight will be a tremendous, interesting, competitive fight. That’s why we made it. That’s the truth.


“There are other fighters, other welterweights, that are coming along that will one day step up to fight for a title. But this fight, instinctively, I know, and my matchmakers agree, was a very competitive fight.

“You have to understand there are very few fighters that have the boxing skills of Amir Khan. Very, very few, so I look at this as a very competitive fight,” he concluded.

High praise for Khan, whose last two opponents led a lot to be desired following his agreement with Eddie Hearn.

The Crawford fight represents his last with Top Rank, meaning a future UK grudge match with Kell Brook hangs in the balance.