Floyd Mayweather denies Manny Pacquiao 2 ahead of scheduled meeting

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

📸 Esther Lin

Floyd Mayweather once again blasted talk of a second installment with Manny Pacquiao as ‘not true’ despite lining up a meeting with the Filipino Senator.

‘Money’ travelled to the Philippines to sit down with Pacquiao for what many believe are discussions over a rematch.

Despite the constant talk, Mayweather moved to tell his usual outlet at FightHype.com his side of the story.

“Rumors, rumors, Rumors. Mayweather v Pacquiao part two is not true. If you didn’t hear it on FightHype first, then it’s not true,” insisted Mayweather.

But let’s be honest, this is forever the case with any Mayweather fight. The five-weight world champion always likes to play the media and be the one to break any news of a comeback.

It’s happened many times before. One this is for sure that you cannot second-guess Floyd Mayweather.

Several meetings with Pacquiao over the last few months, coupled with simultaneous sparring videos being released, are only serving to fuel Mayweather’s obvious desire to control how things go down.

Flying to Pacquiao’s home country is the tip of the iceberg for many, which was quickly followed up by rumors of Pacquiao fighting Keith Thurman.

There are no accidental press leaks when it comes to Mayweather. He’s the ultimate puppet master on how any one of his bouts are made official.

All we know for sure is all the signs are there this rematch will happen.

More coincidences are transpiring than for the first fight.

And until Pacquiao signs a contract to face Thurman – or anyone else for that matter – for all intents and purposes he’s facing Mayweather for a second time this summer.

Too much has gone down to believe anything else on the matter.


  • Meetings in Japan and the Philippines

  • Several basketball games together

  • Training videos posted at the same time

  • Both interested in a rematch

  • Too much money to turn down

  • Pacquiao alternative contract signing the only proof of no fight