Mayweather v Pacquiao 2: Training, Philippines meeting and a curveball



Floyd Mayweather hit the Philippines this week as rumors of a rematch with Manny Pacquiao continue to grow.

The 42 year-old landed in his rivals’ native country as the clock ticks down on securing a deal to fight for a second time.

Mayweather has stepped up training in recent weeks. The five-time champ is getting closer to a full camp for a possible comeback.

Father Floyd Sr. has already stated his son will make a return to the ring in 2019. All we need to know now is who, where and when.

In all likeliness, it’s hard to see who else would be in the opposite corner. Everybody knows Pacquiao II makes Floyd a nine-figure check.

Those kind of numbers are the only ones which interest the ‘Money’ man for a full twelve round bout.

Add into the mix that Pacquiao is currently in possession of a world title strap. It seems a formality an announcement is imminent as a meeting is set for Tuesday.

A curveball was thrown into the mix on Monday morning. Reports surfaced of Pacquiao readying a back-up.

Keith Thurman is apparently being lined up for a summer clash in Las Vegas. The encounter would be for Thurman’s WBA ‘super’ welterweight title.

News of Thurman negotiations could be a ploy by Pacquiao to call Mayweather’s bluff as talks have been ongoing now for almost a month.

Pacquiao confirmed on March 5th the pair were locked into the finer details of a follow-up to their successful bout in 2015.


‘MayPac 1’ earned a cool $400 million combined for Mayweather and Pacquiao, with projections another meeting can hit more than 50 percent of that in 2019.

Those numbers are the reason Mayweather is ready to don the gloves again. With projections of two million plus Pay-Per-View buys more than enough for Mayweather to return from his globe-trotting slumber.

If being pictured and videoed together on numerous occasions when they are never usually in the same room together wasn’t enough, Pacquiao has also signed with Mayweather Promotions.

They’ve posted simultaneous Instragam videos of training and now Mayweather has turned up in the Philippines.

If that’s not an indication that fans can brace for ‘MayPac 2’ there can’t be many further pointers to the obvious.