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Home » Kubrat Pulev US career in danger, future Tyson Fury fight in jeopardy

Kubrat Pulev US career in danger, future Tyson Fury fight in jeopardy

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Kubrat Pulev is facing up to the possibility his United States boxing career is over and a potential fight with Tyson Fury is off the menu. This follows a confirmed suspension by the California State Athletic Commission.

The Bulgarian has been sanctioned following an alleged ‘forceful kiss’ and ‘groping of buttocks’ against Vegas Sports Daily reporter Jenny Sushe.

Sushe sought legal action over the matter. The incident happened on March 23 at The Hangar.

The CSAC has now put Pulev’s license on hold pending an investigation.

Pulev will be called to satisfactorily explain his actions on May 14 before being allowed to fight in the State at any point in the future.

Hiring notorious lawyer Gloria Allred, Sushe is also hoping the World Boxing Association also act, according to recent information released.

“Over the last few days, we have been working to learn more details about the incident which transpired. It involved our contributor Jenny SuShe and boxer Kubrat Pulev,” Vegas Sports Daily’s Christina Sanders said in a statement.

“Ms. SuShe has hired women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred to represent in her going forward. They seek appropriate disciplinary action from the World Boxing Association and the State of California towards Kubrat Pulev for his actions.

“Vegas Sports Daily stands firmly behind her in support of her pursuing justice for this unfortunate incident.

“Vegas Sports Daily values the contribution that Ms. SuShe and all women make to the workplace and sports industry. We believe that every woman has the right to feel safe and comfortable with performing the duties of her job.”

Promoters at Top Rank are yet to make a formal comment on the matter. Whilst Pulev is not currently featuring in the WBA rankings.

Reputational damage has already been done to Pulev through a video clip alone. The veteran is now fighting for his future on US soil.


Top Rank had placed Pulev in line for a shot at Tyson Fury in the near future, although that contest is now firmly in doubt.

Fury recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Top Rank and ESPN. Pulev has been in mind as a high-profile opponent.

That contest could now be off the menu for good as Pulev bids to save his tenure across the Atlantic.


  • Suspension pending explanation

  • More sanctions could follow

  • Legal Action still ongoing