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Home » Floyd Mayweather WILL RETURN, says Sr. – Manny Pacquaio ‘can get it’

Floyd Mayweather WILL RETURN, says Sr. – Manny Pacquaio ‘can get it’

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. has confirmed Floyd Mayweather will fight again amidst rumors of a second fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Talks with Pacquiao were said to be ongoing earlier this year. Speculation is that the pair will meet in a rematch over the summer.

Mayweather has been sparring again and seen in and around the gym. Trainer Mayweather Sr. is very confident a comeback is on the cards.

“Right now I have to say myself that Floyd’s still got the fire in him,” Mayweather Sr. told Helen Yee of at the Mayweather Boxing Club off the Las Vegas strip.

“I’m not just saying it because it’s the way it is. When a person says he’s retired, he’s retired. But it seems right now to me that he’s doing that (supposed to be fighting) pretty much every month.

“I don’t know whether he be doing it (training) sometimes. I know one thing, he’s going to get back in the gym and terrorize some things.

“But I’m just saying that, and I’m not saying that because of what I believe. I’m saying that because it’s going to happen, for real.”

Asked straight up by Yee if there are talks for Junior to enter the boxing ring again, Senior replied: “Oh, yes. I think he’s going to return when the right man gets in his face.”

And on who that ‘right man’ is, he said: “Right now, everybody seems to think it’s everybody. But y’all already seen him fight everybody.


“Pacquiao was mouthing off so he can get it again too. I heard they were speaking about fighting again, but I don’t know what the talks at the fights were (really) about.”

Speaking about his ongoing relationship with his son, Floyd Sr. added: “I don’t really see Floyd anymore. Sometimes I won’t see him until the fight.

“But it doesn’t make any difference if the fight with Pacquiao is on or not. I think there’s some kind of return for Floyd. I don’t know exactly who.”

Reciting some freestyle poetry during the chat, Mayweather Sr. offered the following:

“Floyd is the best, I must confess. For all the rest, there’s no contest. He’ll shock your mind, he’s one of a kind.

“He’s one of the greatest fighters of all time. He do his thing with moves and grooves and dance and prayers. Fools better recognize who’s the man.”