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Boxing at the Olympics: AIBA call for IOC to end limbo on 2020 decision

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The AIBA has called for the IOC to make a final decision on whether boxing will feature at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Boxing’s place has come under question of late. This was due to questions regarding the integrity of the AIBA.

Following many practices undertaken, including the President recently stepping down, the IOC remains no closer to making an announcement.

There’s a real fear among the AIBA that boxing will be dropped from the forthcoming schedule. Less than eighteen months remain until the Games’ Opening Ceremony.

Releasing a statement on the uncertainty, the AIBA is hoping for an imminent conclusion.

Boxers from around the world have been training for years towards their Olympic dreams. They continue to be left in the dark. They still don’t know where, when and how they can qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in a little more than a year.

This is the main concern of the International Boxing Association after taking note of the statements made today by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the ad-hoc inquiry committee report to the Executive Board.

While AIBA has provided not one, but four comprehensive reports over the course of the last year to the IOC EB for review, it is very surprising that the IOC are unable to provide a conclusive decision regarding boxing’s Olympic future at this time.

Given that an additional report was submitted on February 20th2019. And assurances were given that an official hearing and inquiry would be made before the IOC EB meeting in March 2019, AIBA is gravely concerned by the indifference shown towards the process and preparation of athletes for the Games.

Since late 2017, there were claims of concern regarding AIBA. In response, AIBA has undergone a complete transformation, working positively with a number of Olympic partners to rebuild all areas of the organization.

Improvements have been made on all fronts. The organization has clearly demonstrated its dedication to moving forward. They have improved its practices for the sake of the sport of Boxing and its athletes.

Tom Virgets, AIBA Executive Director added: “We have done everything in our power to work with the IOC. We have provided them with numerous reports and documentation.

“There is no more information left to give. It is now time to wrap up this inquiry and move forward.

“This further delay has a direct impact on our athletes. It is a complete disaster for boxers around the world who are being left in limbo without any support or access funding.

“We don’t understand why we can’t put the well-being of boxers ahead of anything else. It is time to move on. Our boxers are waiting, our officials are waiting and our fans are waiting.”


  • Boxing may be dropped from 2020 schedule

  • AIBA hope changes will halt the process

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