Ene-Purcell v Nasio II confirmed for July 13

REDEMPTION OR RESPECT? THAT’S THE QUESTION. We find out the answer on July 13 when Herman Ene-Purcell takes on Will Nasio as the headline act for TGW & Smithy Brings the Big Fights 23.

The first contest will go down in local folklore as one of the most memorable in the Garden city’s rich fight history. The atmosphere created by the Samoan Ene-Purcell supporters and the Tongan Nasio supporters was something unprecedented. The fight lived up to the hype.

Good friends became fierce rivals and it brought out the best in both fighters. History will show Will Nasio had his hand raised in victory despite hitting the canvas in round one and trailing on all three judges scorecards before a thunderous combination in the fourth round changed the course of the fight.

Will Nasio walked away with the Queensland heavyweight title however the victory arguably left more questions than answers. Did the best man on the night have his hand raised in victory? There is a solid argument both ways but what it did do – it left both fighters wanting more.

For Ene-Purcell its redemption. For Nasio it’s respect. To add further incentive the winner will be crowned the Australasian heavyweight title belt – a title, given both men’s heritage that is cherished by both.

“The re-match is a must,” Will Nasio said.

“A lot of people still think the first fight was a fluke because Herman won the first three rounds.

“I want to prove to everyone the first fight was no fluke.

“The Australasian title is on the line so the carrot is a lot bigger than last time.”

Essentially from the moment the first fight was waved away Herman Ene-Purcell has been chasing a re-match.

Nasio hasn’t fought since the first bout in March, Ene-Purcell on the other hand had his hand raised against Nick Midgley last month. Post fight he again called out Nasio and Nasio obliged.

“I’m very fortunate to go to war again with Will Nasio,” Ene-Purcell said.

“I thank Will for taking this fight as I believe he knows he dodged a bullet in our last fight.

“In boxing all it takes is one punch to change the whole fight, unfortunately for me that is exactly what happened.”

When it comes to pride and passion there is no bigger fight than the Ene-Purcell vs Nasio.

So many classic story lines will play out in the lead up to this one. What adjustments will both fighters make? What tactics will change? Can either fighter adapt? Could it just become an all out war and whoever lands the biggest punch first will win?

“I know Willie will come out stronger and fitter for the re-match,” Ene-Purcell said.

“However my team and I will be working very hard so I will be prepared for whatever is put in front of me.”

Will Nasio added: “I know Herman will come out faster and stronger.

“I’ve been quietly putting in the work in the gym so that come the re-match Herman won’t be winning any rounds.

“We are releasing Wild Bill 2.0 on July 13.”