5 Essential Things for an Amateur Boxer


Boxing dates back to Ancient Egypt, and for centuries there were no rules and no protective gear until 1867.

It was straight bare-knuckle fist fighting until then. The boxing gloves were invented in the late 1890s with the style we recognize today. More equipment came about through updated technology over the years. All the essential equipment has its purpose, and it is mandatory to be put on before the boxer steps foot in the ring.     

1. Headgear

Though there is no head protection in professional boxing, amateur boxing uses headgear to ensure beginners focus and gain experience in the ring. It is tough to do when starting out while getting one’s head pounded in trying to learn the form and the techniques of boxing without it. Even the professionals use headgear while in training, so they do not waste their stamina before an in-ring live event. It protects the most vital organ in the body, the brain. Many amateur boxers choose the DMB Boxing brand for their head gear and other equipment.


2. Mouthguard

Everyone would love to keep their teeth for as long as possible, especially boxers. Mouthguards are designed to protect boxers from losing their teeth while being punched in training or in a live event. When a boxer gets punched, their mouth clinches down hard. The mouthguard prevents the grinding of the teeth or biting the tongue while getting hit. In most cases, while getting punched with an uppercut, it protects the top set of teeth from getting pushed upward. The mouthguard is designed to stay in the mouth, but sometimes a boxer can land a punch so hard the mouth piece does fly out.


3. Boxing Gloves

There are two different types of gloves that boxers use. One is for boxing and is the thick set of gloves, and the other is for MMA fighters which are cut open at the fingertips and are not enclosed like regular boxing gloves. Both are designed for sparring and fighting and meant to last with the hardest hitting action. The gloves are made to protect the hands and somewhat cushion the blow without using the bare fist to the face or body.


4. Hand Wraps

A fighter’s prize possession and money maker is their hands. It is crucial they protect them at all cost. Hand wraps are designed to protect the bones in the hands and the wrist when throwing the most powerful punches. It is as an elastic material which is wrapped tightly for support and protection while in training and in live matches.


5. Groin Protector

The rules state in a boxing match that hitting below the belt is prohibited. Sometimes accidents happen where the boxer will get hit unintentionally. The groin protector is meant to protect from the full blow of the punch which can cause serious injury to the boxer on the receiving end.


Boxing has come a long way from bare knuckles. The technology of the equipment has come far to protect the fighters and quality over quantity is always the best way to go when it comes to safety for a boxer to fight another day.