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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Paul Butler makes WBSS prediction, patient on title shot

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Butler makes WBSS prediction, patient on title shot

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With the World Boxing Super Series schedule, Paul Butler is likely to spend this year majorly involved in the tournament in some capacity.

Butler harbors hopes of a title shot, but as WBSS reserve, all the Ellesmere Port man can do is wait for an opportunity.

Asked about his plans for 2019, Butler exclusively told WBN: “At the moment, because most of the titles apart from the WBC are tied up in the World Boxing Super Series, I’ve just got to keep my ranking. Keep pushing up the rankings.

“I’m number five with the IBF last time I checked. I think number one and number two aren’t ranked. Also, I think three and four are boxing each other.”

Holding his current position, Butler could fight for a vacant title at the end of this year.

Giving his prediction of how future events will play out, he said: “So the plan is hopefully, I think Inoue wins the World Boxing Super Series. So I can’t see him keeping hold of the titles. I can’t see him being like a proper active champion.

“I think he’s the type of fighter to set goals. He’ll either move up or get a massive fight with someone else. I don’t know who but he could have a huge fight with someone.”


‘The Monster’ is a huge favourite to win the tournament. He has been since its inception. But with the talent the P4P star possesses, his career has moved quickly and that is likely to continue.

Looking to the future, Butler is keen he will get the chance to become champion again.

“I couldn’t imagine him to be set on keeping hold of all the titles. In my view, he’ll vacate. With me being active and high in the rankings, hopefully, I can be pushed into contention for a title.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller