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Major factors put Manny Pacquiao above Canelo for Floyd Mayweather II

Manny Pacquiao’s recent fan poll shows the Filipino has Floyd Mayweather on the brain for a rematch in 2019.

Despite getting into the ring with Errol Spence on March 16 to offer the American an option for his next bout, Pacquiao asked his fans to name his opponent for him.

Conspicuously, Spence was absent from the list. The ‘Pacman’ named Mayweather alongside Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia.

No mention on Spence means Pacquiao is clearly leaning towards Mayweather as fans voted unanimously for a return of their 2015 clash.

And Pacquiao isn’t the only one seeking a second offering with Mayweather.

Oscar De La Hoya has been actively pitching Canelo Alvarez in for another battle with Mayweather.

They previous traded blows in 2013, when Canelo was a mere pup in terms of where he is now.

Canelo has improved tremendously as displayed when the Mexican superstar defeated Gennady Golovkin last September.

A third fight is on the cards with ‘GGG’ in 2019, although Canelo would accept an offer from Mayweather in a heartbeat.

Those half a dozen years passing would make a huge difference today, though. Mayweather won’t fight above 150 pounds on his best day and Canelo recently campaigned as high as 168.

This leaves Pacquiao in prime position to fend off Canelo despite De La Hoya’s projections Mayweather II could make $1 billion if they fought.

Hard to see when Canelo is now campaigning on DAZN and no longer on a Pay-Per-View platform. PPV would be essential for any future Mayweather fight.

Those two major factors, the weight and TV issue, are the main reasons why Pacquiao is more likely to be in the opposite corner for a Mayweather comeback.

The man himself is unfazed. Mayweather addressed reports Pacquiao, Canelo and even Conor McGregor wanted another bite of the cherry, indirectly earlier this month.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody’s saying something,” Mayweather told TMZ.

“I don’t worry about that. I already made over a billion! You already know that!”

“I’m not worried about all that my man. Floyd is undefeated. Nobody can beat me. You already know that, man!”


At 42, and with time running out to earn one final nine-figure check, Mayweather has to make a decision soon.

Training, sparring sessions and ice baths, which weren’t apparent since retirement, are only serving to fuel the speculation further.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have also been spotted together many times over the past few months. Something that has only previously happened when they fought four years ago.

Could we see Mayweather v Pacquiao II at the T-Mobile Arena or MGM Grand in Las Vegas over the summer? – You couldn’t rule it out, even if Mayweather denies it.

The second-guessing will only stop when Pacquiao finally announces his next encounter.