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Home » Fuaad Husseen features on Costa Evangelou’s April 20 show

Fuaad Husseen features on Costa Evangelou’s April 20 show

Fuaad Husseen is a super-bantamweight prospect who’s determined to get noticed !

He steps up to eight rounds on Costa Evangelou’s show at Lee Valley Athletics Centre on Saturday, April 20 – and the 24 year old is planning to entertain !

Husseen is known for his colourful ring entrances – he once came to the ring in a boat – and his flashy fighting style.

He said: “I know that just working hard and being talented isn’t enough when you’re a fighter.

“If you haven’t got a big promoter or amateur career behind you, you need to do things to stand out. You have to be different, you have to entertain.

“I want to people value for money. I want them going home saying: ‘He came out on a boat and stuck his tongue out when he was fighting, let’s go and see him again.’

“I’m not being disrespectful to my opponents. It’s just business. I’m just trying to entertain the people who’ve paid to come and see me.

“The ring entrances do put pressure on me. If you come to the ring in a boat, you’ve got to be able to fight. But there will be pressure when I fight for titles and putting myself under pressure now is preparing me for that.”

Husseen is building a big following. Born in the Netherlands, he’s lives in Hayes since he was a boy and has Somalian parents.

“I’m the only Somalian boxer around,” he said, “and that makes me a big deal !

“But I get support from all over my community. Everyone seems to be getting behind me.”

Husseen reckons his fans could soon see him fighting for a belt. “I’m flying up the rankings,” he said, “and I’m learning with every fight.

“I’m sitting down on my punches more now and hurting my opponents. I’m going to start getting my opponents out of there soon. I’m getting there.”