Deontay Wilder: Anthony Joshua talks bull****, used mandatory to walk

WBN Staff 25/03/2019
Anthony Joshua Deontay Wilder

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Deontay Wilder appeared on the Richard Poxon Poxcast recently to talk about how fights with Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury fell apart in recent months.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ attempted to set-up an undisputed clash with Joshua in the summer of 2018. Just as the contest was 90% agreed following painstaking negotiations, Joshua walked away from the bout.

Wilder had verbally stated a $15 million offer from promoter would be accepted. As the American waited for contracts, the WBA urgently called for Joshua to face Alexander Povetkin.

Citing a potential push by Hearn and Joshua for the WBA to act, Wilder told Poxon his thoughts on the matter.

“When they said they had no date for September. They said you get $15 million and we get the rest. Then if you beat me, in a rematch we get 50-50. It don’t work like that,” Wilder said on the Poxcast.

“When we accepted everything, they came out and said there’s no date in September. That’s when the Povetkin thing came about. They like, ‘oh now there’s a date in September for us’.

“As soon as we agreed everything, that’s when they came out with ‘Povetkin is the mandatory’ and all that bull****, man. It was a whole bunch of bull. They didn’t want the fight.

“We ain’t chasing them. They act like he’s this global superstar around the world, but they came to realize he’s not. It’s wasn’t like that. But they stayed on their high horse.

“They didn’t want to do it, so we went to the next person (Tyson Fury),” he added.


A draw with Fury in December led all to agree a second fight in the spring of 2019. Once again, Wilder was left disappointed as Fury decided to sign a contract with ESPN.

Due to Showtime having exclusive rights to the return, Fury’s move killed the second fight stone dead.

Wilder was forced to move on, and now battles mandatory challenger Dominic Breazeale on May 18.

Bouts with Joshua or Fury are further away than ever.

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