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Home » Freedom lost: Chris Eubank Jr. cousin sent to prison for driving offence

Freedom lost: Chris Eubank Jr. cousin sent to prison for driving offence

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Chris Eubank Jr. has seen cousin, ironically named Freedom, sent to prison for a driving offence committed back in December.

Freedom, 28, failed to appear in court recently citing illness but was present to hear sentencing on Friday.

Richard Cherrill, the prosecutor in a case of reckless driving, outlined the crime committed by Eubank in Bloomsbury Place, Brighton on December 1st, 2018.

“Police approached the vehicle which had pretended to stop before it was driven away at speed,” said Cherrill when addressing the court.

“He travelled in Bear Road, where the speed limit is 20mph, at 80mph. Worryingly, he drove the wrong way down a one-way road. Something which officers regarded as creating a high risk of a collision or injury to others.

“When the defendant brought the vehicle to a halt he then decamped from the driver’s side and was seen running away by the officers. They arrested him not far away.”

Eubank was jailed for 15 months, despite defending lawyer William England attempting to plead his case.

“When he went to the magistrates’ court he should have admitted what he had done straight away,” said England.

“There are a number of reasons why he panicked, mostly relating to his young daughter. It does not provide an excuse but does provide an explanation.

“When told he was going at around 80mph he was flabbergasted and totally ashamed. He knows as a father, there could have been someone walking home from a night out. He could have faced offences far worse than the ones he is facing.

“Freedom has asked me to apologize. He let himself and his family down,” he added.


Cousin Eubank Jr, who is the current IBO super-middleweight champion, previously lauded his boxer family member for his ring performances.

In 2017, Freedom scored a spectacular knockout which he shared on social media.

For now, Freedom’s fighting career is firmly on hold.

Freedom is the nephew of two-weight world champion Chris Eubank Sr.