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Floyd Mayweather overwhelmingly chosen as Manny Pacquiao opponent

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Manny Pacquiao should be trading blows with Floyd Mayweather in the very near future. That’s according to a social media poll instigated by the Filipino Senator.

Pacquiao, 40, asked fans to choose his next opponent. The list made public featured Mayweather alongside world champions Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter.

Ex-two-weight titlist Danny Garcia was the final option.

Thurman, Porter and Garcia have far to go in order to be considered. Some way through the quiz, Mayweather lead by a large margin.

‘Pacman’ has been linked to facing Mayweather for some time. Even confirming to journalists back in October that Mayweather was next after he fought Adrien Broner.

“There is a big possibility (we can fight again) because Floyd is coming back into boxing,” said Pacquiao.

“I am fighting in January, so a big possibility after that we will discuss a re-match.

“My thinking is to have a re-match and to make a clear decision on who will win the fight. In the last fight that we had, it wasn’t clear who won the fight because he didn’t throw a lot of punches and he won the fight.

“I had a shoulder injury…but this time, if this re-match happens there are no excuses, no alibis.”

Broner was subsequently defeated in January. Since then, Mayweather has been spotted training, sparring and dipping himself in an ice bath.

All of which is rumored to be preparation for his imminent return.

Mayweather last fought on New Year’s Eve. The five-weight legend fended off the challenge of kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa with ease.

‘Money’ dropped Tenshin three times in the first round. For his trouble, the American pocketed almost $10 million for under three minutes work.

Despite stating his desire to fight in more exhibitions in Japan and beyond, it’s believed Mayweather is planning something far bigger.

Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza has been quoted as saying he expects the rematch to take place this year. Dates over the summer have been bandied about.


The pair first traded blows in 2015. ‘MayPac 1’ remains the most lucrative fight of all time. On the night, Mayweather earned nine-figures. As a result, Pacquiao banked $80 million for his part.

Criticism followed as the fight failed it live up to long-awaited expectations. A rematch is seen as the chance for redemption.

Pacquiao went into the contest with a serious shoulder injury. An ailment which most believe didn’t affect the outcome.

Should the encounter be ratified soon, Showtime Pay-Per-View are once again expected to televise.

Pre-fight predictions of over two million PPV buys would mean both boxers could be guaranteed another eight-figure check.

Mayweather would no doubt be aiming for nine.


Mayweather WWWWWW

Tenshin Nasukaawa TKO1

Conor McGregor TKO10

Andre Berto UD

Manny Pacquiao UD

Marcos Maidana UD x2

Canelo Alvarez MD

Pacquiao LWWLWW

Adrien Broner UD

Lucas Matthysse TKO7

Jeff Horn (LOST) UD

Jessie Vargas UD

Timothy Bradley UD

Floyd Mayweather (LOST) UD